ICDL Africa, the leading provider of internationally recognized digital skills certification, is proud to announce the launch of the ICDL Africa Digital Explorer in Uganda. This student competition aims to equip the future workforce with essential digital skills and promote digital literacy among students. The launch event took place on 10 July 2023 at Golden Tulip Hotel, Uganda. 

The ICDL Africa Digital Explorer competition provides students with an exciting opportunity to enhance their digital competencies and gain practical skills needed for the professional landscape. Through this competition, participants will be exposed to emerging technologies, design principles, and office application tools, preparing them for success in the digital economy. 

“I advise all of you that are here today to prepare yourselves very well. The digital explorer competition is meant to harness the best knowledge, skills and values of today’s required digital skills. We have seen great effort put in by students in Kenya and we surely believe here in Uganda you will display exceptional mastery and skills,”,” said Peter Maina, Regional Manager at ICDL Africa.

ICDL Africa will collaborate closely with educational institutions, government bodies, and other stakeholders to ensure the success and impact of the ICDL Africa Digital Explorer in Uganda. ICDL Africa aims to support the integration of digital literacy education in schools and inspire a culture of lifelong learning. 

In addition to the Digital Explorer competition, ICDL Africa is also launching the ICDL Clubs in Uganda, providing students with a platform to further develop their digital skills and engage in practical digital projects. These clubs will serve as hubs for learning and collaboration, fostering a digital mindset among students and preparing them for the digital challenges of the future. 

The event attracted over 60 participants from ten International school, our Accredited Test Centre’s and ICDL Club student leadership. During the event, the ICDL foundation CEO, Mr. Damien O’Sullivan emphasized to the ICDL Club student leaders the need to maintain the standards of ICDL in their daily activities. “With the launch of the ICDL Club in your respective schools, you now become ambassadors of a global brand. The value attained in your association with ICDL and the skills attained through training and certification should benefit the people around you,” Mr. Damien O’Sullivan, CEO, ICDL Foundation.

ICDL Africa remains committed to empowering students in Uganda and across Africa with essential digital skills through initiatives like the ICDL Africa Digital Explorer and the ICDL Clubs. 

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