Ho Chi Minh City University of Banking (HUB) Partners with ICDL Asia to Foster Digital Skills Development 

Hanoi, Vietnam – On June 20th, Ho Chi Minh City University of Banking (HUB) and ICDL established a strategic partnership, solidifying our commitment to advancing digital skills among students and professionals in Vietnam, equipping them with the necessary competencies to excel in today’s fast-paced and technologically driven environment. 

Established in 1976, HUB is a renowned public university under the State Bank of Vietnam. With a current enrollment of over 13,000 students in undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs, the institution offers seven majors and over 40 training programs. The university has earned a distinguished reputation as one of the top 50 universities in Vietnam and is recognised for its exceptional international publication records, particularly in the economic sector. 

The signing ceremony brought together distinguished figures including Assoc Prof Dr Nguyen Duc Trung, Rector of HUB, Ms. Dao Mai Ann, CEO of ICDL Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Anh Trung, General Director of VMB, and Mr. Tan Hock Guan, Programme Manager of ICDL Asia solidified the ATC agreement and formalised our commitment to collaborating and leveraging their strengths, expertise, and resources to drive meaningful change in the field of digital skills education. 

Through the partnership, HUB and ICDL will collaborate on the development and implementation of comprehensive training programs, ensuring learners acquire the essential digital skills required to succeed in today’s dynamic and technology-centric world. The partnership will leverage ICDL internationally recognised certification, providing a standard framework and benchmark for digital competency. By integrating these industry-standard digital skills into the curriculum of HUB, students and professionals will gain valuable skills to further enhance the employability prospects. 

The strategic partnership between HUB and ICDL is a testament to our shared dedication to empowering students, professionals, and the wider community in Vietnam.  

To learn more about Ho Chi Minh City University of Banking (HUB), visit https://portal-en.hub.edu.vn/about-us   

ICDL – The Digital Skills Standard

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