Empowering Somaliland’s Digital Workforce: Specto Accredits a New ICDL Center.

Specto, the ICDL National Operator in Somaliland, has recently achieved a significant milestone by accrediting the HIT HAAD Institute of Technology as an authorized ICDL training and testing center. This accomplishment is set to elevate digital competency standards in the region, benefiting both employees and students.

Mr. Muhammed Sulub, the General Manager of HIT HAAD Institute of Technology, recognizes the growing reliance on technology in today’s job market. To bridge the digital divide, Specto provided comprehensive training on the ICDL program to the institute’s staff, ensuring they are well-prepared to deliver high-quality training and conduct ICDL tests.

The ICDL program holds immense value for employees and students alike. By empowering individuals with essential digital skills, it prepares them to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and efficiency. Students completing the ICDL program gain a competitive advantage in the job market, and employees can excel in their professional roles.

During their visit to Somaliland, Specto enthusiastically promoted the ICDL program to influential organizations such as Somocable Company, Telesom, and Hargeisa University. These leading entities understand the importance of digital literacy and seek to equip their workforce with essential skills to succeed in the modern world.

The Vice-President of Hargeisa University emphasized the significance of the ICDL program in enhancing students’ digital proficiency. As technology plays a vital role in modern learning environments, the ICDL program equips students with the necessary skills to interact effectively with technology, benefiting their academic performance and future careers.

Telesom expressed its commitment to establishing an ICDL accredited center to serve the local community and employees. By investing in the ICDL program, Telesom aims to create a digitally empowered workforce capable of driving innovation and progress within the community.

Specto’s accreditation of HIT HAAD Institute of Technology as an ICDL center is a major step forward in empowering Somaliland’s digital workforce. As the ICDL program gains traction among leading organizations and institutions, the region is set to witness a surge in digital proficiency. This transformation will shape a brighter, more digitally inclusive future for Somaliland, empowering individuals to thrive in the digital age.

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