Empowering Government Workforce for the Digital Era: DICT Inaugural Civil Servant Edition of National Digital Challenge in the Philippines   

With the aim of equipping the government workforce with essential digital skills, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) proudly presented the first-ever National Digital Challenge for civil servants. This groundbreaking event coincided with the celebration of National ICT Month (NICTM) 2023, aiming to accelerate the Philippines workforce into a new digital frontier.   

Throughout National ICT Month, a series of activities were designed to underline the importance of digital transformation across diverse sectors. A key highlight of this celebration was the inaugural of ICDL Asia inspired National Digital Challenge orchestrated by DICT with the aim to shine a light on the practical abilities of civil servants in effectively utilising computers and digital application tools.   

The National Digital Challenge brought together civil servants from across the country, coming together to showcase their digital skills. The challenge was a meaningful effort, where participants had to demonstrate their digital abilities through various tasks in real time. Conducted online via Zoom, civil servants effectively displayed their expertise in a virtual setting.   

The preliminary round, held from May 22 to 26, 2023, spanned 15 regions with the aim to identify the standout participant from each region to represent in the National Digital Challenge. During this phase, participants were given a 2-hour Assessment to showcase their proficiency in productivity Tools such as word processing, spreadsheets and presentations.   

As the excitement escalated, the final round of the competition took place on June 21, 2023. This crowning moment witnessed participants from all 15 regions simultaneously engaging in a 45-minute automated ICDL Application Essentials module certification test to assess and evaluate participants’ comprehensive understanding of essential digital applications and tools. 

The top three winners were selected based on their performance metrics with criteria ranging from the overall results, highest scores, and shortest completion time. These standout performers truly embodied the essence of digital readiness and innovation. Garnering the third position was Mr. Paul Richie F. Asuncion from the Polytechnic College of Botolan in Region 3. Securing the second spot was Mr. Earl Ryan C. Aldenese, representing the Local Government Unit of Polomoloc in Region 12. The ultimate triumph of the event belonged to Ms. Maria Teresa Morales Capiral from the Occidental Mindoro National High School in Region 4B, who claimed the top honour with her remarkable skills and swift execution.   

In conclusion, DICT National Digital Challenge for civil servants stands as a resounding testament to the government’s unwavering commitment to ushering its workforce into the digital age. By nurturing tech-savvy civil servants, the Philippines is paving the path for enhanced digital productivity and innovation in the public sector. This approach aligns perfectly with the ICDL emphasis on digital proficiency as a means of achieving career growth and contributing effectively to the workforce. With the success of this inaugural event, it’s evident that the Philippines government workforce is ready and eager to thrive in the digital era. ICDL Asia is honoured to be a strategic partner in DICT’s digital literacy pathway for their government workforce.

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