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Singapore, July 18, 2023: Crescent Girls’ School and ICDL Asia spearheaded the Singapore National Digital Explorer (NDE) 2023 competition and awards ceremony, a groundbreaking initiative aiming to empower Singaporean students with real-world digital skills. The event witnessed overwhelming support, with over 17,000 students registered, showcasing the program’s success and impact.

Success of National Digital Explorer (NDE) in Singapore:

The NDE 2023 competition in Singapore, hosted at Crescent Girls’ School, was a resounding success. More than 150 students and teachers participated, including notable figures like Mrs. Helen Chong, Principal of Crescent Girls’ School, Mr. Damien O’Sullivan, CEO of ICDL Foundation, and Ms. Tina Wu, General Manager of ICDL Asia. The program witnessed a substantial increase in participation, with 64 schools engaged, spanning primary, secondary, and junior college levels.

The competition comprised various tracks, including the Business Track, requiring students to complete Application Essentials at the primary level and Presentation and Spreadsheet at the secondary and junior college levels. An additional highlight of the program was the introduction of emerging technologies like Big Data, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things.

During the National Round on July 18, 2023, at Crescent Girls’ School, top-performing students had the opportunity to enhance their digital literacy further, learning two additional complimentary ICDL modules. The competition showcased exceptional talent, with 95 students advancing to the final round from a pool of 1,501 participants at the preliminary stage.

Mrs. Helen Chong expressed enthusiasm, emphasising the collaboration’s value in bringing valuable digital learning experiences to schools. The awards ceremony celebrated outstanding winners like Shayaan Yar Khan and Uzair Malik from Global Indian International School and Wong Zhi Ying and Lucas Zhi Heng Thien from Compassvale Secondary School, who secured top positions in the Secondary Business and Emerging Technologies category.

The winning students, along with other successful participants, received internationally recognised ICDL Profile Certificates and eBadges, validating their digital proficiency. These certifications hold significant value for academic institutions and employers globally, enhancing students’ resumes and future job prospects.

Launch of Digital Explorer in East Africa:

ICDL Africa celebrated the launch of the ICDL Africa Digital Explorer at the Nairobi ATC Forum on May 24, 2023. This marked a pivotal moment in the mission to elevate digital competency standards through quality certification programs across the continent.

The ICDL Africa Digital Explorer 2023 is an engaging student competition designed to promote ICDL and its comprehensive programs. Initially launched in Kenya and Uganda in the second quarter of 2023, the competition aims to raise digital competency and skills awareness among schools in these territories.

The competition aspires to motivate schools to adopt ICDL Certification and raise awareness about programs within the education sector. Plans include promoting the larger ICDL Africa Digital Challenge in 2024, with the anticipation of expanding the ICDL Africa Digital Explorer to all territories in Africa by the end of 2024.

The competition focuses on practical digital skills crucial for the diverse professional landscape, exposing contestants to emerging technologies, design principles, and office application tools. ICDL Africa remains committed to empowering African youth with the digital skills necessary for success in the digital age.


The success of the NDE in Singapore and the launch in East Africa exemplify the global impact of initiatives like these. They underscore the importance of fostering digital literacy and skills, not only for individual empowerment but also for the broader socioeconomic development of nations. As these initiatives continue to evolve, they serve as beacons guiding students toward a digitally proficient and empowered future.

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