Standardizing Digital Skills in Higher Learning Institutions in Rwanda

On March 31, 2023, Higher Education Council, in partnership with ICDL Africa, held a meeting with over 26 Higher Learning Institutions in Rwanda. The objective was to discuss how the institutions could implement the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) program, with the aim of having all students graduate with internationally recognized digital skills certification.

In her opening remarks, the Director General of Higher Education Council, Dr. Rose Mukankomeje, highlighted the importance of providing students with access to digital literacy programs to enhance their readiness for the job market. The meeting was a follow-up to the one organized by ICDL Africa and the Ministry of Education last year, and aimed to learn about what higher learning institutions have been doing since then.

ICDL Africa gave a comprehensive presentation on the various ICDL programs and their benefits in the current digital world. During the open discussion, participants raised concerns about internet connectivity, lack of computers, and costing implications. The Director General explained that the ministry of Education has plans to spread internet connectivity in all parts of Rwanda starting with the eastern province. Regarding the issue of lack of enough computers, both the Director General and Solange Umulisa mentioned that they would explore existing opportunities which could facilitate them to get computers at a cheaper price like Computer Aid International.

As a way forward, the Director General called upon all institutions to implement digital literacy in their respective programs and urged Higher Learning Institutions to have discussions with ICDL Africa to come up with plans that meet their needs. The meeting was a step towards standardizing digital skills delivery in higher learning institutions in Rwanda.

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