RAMA S Group ICDL Examination Centre Accreditation Ceremony in Ivory Coast

On Friday, May 11, 2024, history was made at the Hotel School of Grand-Bassam in Côte d’ivoire at Grand Bassam district the RAMA S Group’s ICDL Examination Centre was officially accredited. This momentous occasion, under the guidance of Mr. Daris Gbaguidi, the ICDL Africa Francophone representative, marks a significant step forward in the realm of digital literacy and education.

The ceremony, attended by esteemed dignitaries including representatives of the Prefect and the Mayor of Grand-Bassam, who highlighted the dedication of RAMA S Group, a subsidiary of FEDEL S Group, towards providing cutting-edge education. Mrs. Manuella Ollo, PCA of FEDEL Group, graced the event alongside members of RAMA’s Board of Directors, showcasing the collective commitment to educational excellence.
In his address, Mr. Gbaguidi emphasized the importance of ICDL training in equipping students with fundamental digital skills essential for today’s professional landscape. He underscored the certificate’s role in preparing students to meet the evolving demands of the labor market, positioning them as competent and agile workers of tomorrow.

The accreditation of RAMA S Group’s ICDL Examination Centre signifies a pivotal moment for the institution. It not only validates the dedication to academic excellence but also serves as a testament to the commitment towards digital empowerment in education. The accreditation encompasses several schools within the RAMA S Group, including Raggi Anne-Marie Institution of Grand-Bassam (IRMA), Polytech Abidjan, and Hotel School of Bassam (EHB), ensuring a comprehensive approach to digital literacy.

The significance of this accreditation extends beyond the confines of educational institutions. It resonates with broader societal shifts towards digitalization, as highlighted by Ms. Angama Germaine, representative of Mayor Jean Louis Moulot, who emphasized the role of IT in fostering economic development. It echoes the sentiments of Ms. Koby Anne Lise, the representative of the prefect of Grand-Bassam, who emphasized the imperative of digital tools in contemporary life.

Mrs. Manuella Ollo, President of the Board of Directors of the FEDEL Invest SA group, reiterated the pivotal role of IT in education, especially in light of recent global transformations such as the COVID-19 pandemic. She emphasized the need for coordinated learning, facilitated by organizations like ICDL, to ensure reliable and verifiable results.
As we celebrate this milestone, it is imperative to recognize the opportunities it presents for students. The ICDL certification program opens doors to a world of possibilities, empowering students to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. It aligns with the vision of RAMA S Group and FEDEL Invest SA group to nurture future leaders equipped with the skills necessary to thrive in a digital era.
The accreditation of RAMA S Group’s ICDL Examination Centre marks a significant chapter in the journey towards educational excellence and digital empowerment.

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