Guinea, Conakry, 15 June, 2023 – The ICDL Africa recently official launched in the Republic of Guinea. The momentous event took place during the highly anticipated 5th edition of Semaine Du Numerique, led by ICDL Foundation CEO, Mr. Damien O’Sullivan, and the esteemed Minister of Posts, Telecommunications, and the Digital Economy, Hon. Ousmane Gaoual Diallo.

The launch of ICDL in Guinea marks a significant milestone in the country’s digital transformation journey, demonstrating the strong commitment of the Ministry and the Government of Guinea towards creating a digitally literate workforce. With ICDL, Guinea aims to standardize and enhance the digital competencies of its citizens, empowering them to thrive in the digital era and contribute to the nation’s overall development.

The inaugural ceremony held at Palais Du Peuple witnessed the signing of a groundbreaking partnership agreement between ICDL Africa and the Agence Nationale de Digitalisation de l’Etat (ANDE), the first accredited center in Guinea for delivering ICDL training. This collaboration signifies a crucial step towards bridging the digital skills gap in the country, with a specific focus on training civil servants to leverage technology effectively in their respective roles.

By choosing ANDE as the primary training center, the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications, and the Digital Economy has expressed its trust in the institution’s expertise and commitment to delivering quality education. The partnership will enable ANDE to provide comprehensive ICDL training programs to civil servants, equipping them with vital digital skills and knowledge to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and competence.

Honorable, Minister, Ousmane Gaoual Diallo expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “The launch of ICDL in Guinea reaffirms our government’s dedication to building a digitally inclusive society. Through this collaboration with ICDL Africa and ANDE, we aim to empower our civil servants with internationally recognized certifications, setting a benchmark for digital literacy in our country. We believe that a skilled workforce is the key to unlocking our nation’s potential in the digital age.”

CEO Damien O’Sullivan emphasized the transformative impact of ICDL, saying, “We are thrilled to bring ICDL to Guinea and support the nation’s efforts in fostering digital skills development. With ICDL, individuals gain a globally recognized certification that validates their digital competencies, opening doors to new opportunities and driving economic growth. We commend the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications, and the Digital Economy for their proactive approach to empowering the workforce through digital literacy.”

The launch of ICDL in Guinea is set to ignite a wave of digital transformation across various sectors, fueling innovation, productivity, and economic progress. Through the concerted efforts of the Ministry, the Government, ICDL Africa, and ANDE, Guinea is well on its way to realizing a digitally literate society, positioning itself as a leader in the digital landscape.

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