ICDL Asia Industrial Visit 2023 Showcases Singapore’s Innovation in Education and Training Landscape

Singapore, October 2023 – ICDL Asia organised a two-day Industrial Visit event last month with the aim of fostering digital literacy and exploring innovative ideas within the education and training landscape across the Asia region. This unique experience, held in conjunction with Digital Literacy Day 2023, offered our delegates valuable insights into pioneering programmes and initiatives within Singapore’s education and training community.    

The event showcased the pioneering work of four esteemed organisations, namely NTUC LearningHub Employment and Employability Institute (e2i), ITE College Central, and Singapore Polytechnic.   

Where Innovation Meets Education and Training  

The ICDL Asia Industrial Visit 2023 provided a captivating tour of Singapore’s leading institutions, each making significant strides in shaping the future of education and employability. Over the two days, delegates had the privilege of visiting NTUC Learning Hub, Employment and Employability Institute (e2i), ITE College Central, and Singapore Polytechnic, with each institution offering unique insights into its innovative educational and training programs.    

Transforming National Workforce Development   

The first day of the Industrial Visit featured the Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) and NTUC Learning Hub, both located at Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability. Delegates had the opportunity to gain a firsthand understanding of Singapore’s cutting-edge approaches to training, lifelong education, and career-matching landscape.    

e2i’s presentation, “Better Jobs for Better Lives” highlighted the tripartite initiative in matching better workers to better jobs. Delegates had the chance to engage in a Q&A session with Mr. Gary Goh, Deputy Director of e2i, and explore e2i’s Career Services Centre.   

NTUC Learning Hub shared insights on their supporting role in national workforce training and transformation, emphasising their contribution to the development of the ICT workforce. Delegates also had the opportunity to witness the practical implementation of cutting-edge training and lifelong education programmes while visiting the physical training site settings.    

These institutions are at the forefront of delivering innovative employment and employability solutions in Singapore.   

A Glimpse into the Future of Singapore Education   

Day two saw the delegation visiting ITE College Central and Singapore Polytechnic, which both institutions pioneering innovative learning and the practical implementation of education delivery. Participants explored state-of-the-art facilities, engaged with industry experts, and delved into the latest trends and technologies in education.   

ITE College Central provided insights into career technical education approaches, industry transformation maps, and details of their holistic hands-on education during the ITE College Central’s training facilities’ tour. On the other hand, Singapore Polytechnic showcased industry partnerships and real-world learning experiences through various case study programs such as Industry Exchange Model, Training & Consultancy Programmes, and Learning Express Programme. One of these case studies focused on the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering industry collaboration with SIEMENS to launch the SP-Siemens Digital Experience Centre to help equip students with digitalisation skills and boost product innovation

Fostering Digital Literacy for a Brighter Future   

ICDL Asia Industrial Visit 2023 aligned with the broader mission of Digital Literacy Day 2023, serving as a platform to bridge visionaries, educators, and stakeholders who have strong affiliations with ICDL as a community to gain firsthand experience, open doors for collaboration and exchange ideas and best practices for implementation in promoting and advancing digital literacy within their respective territories.   

The event was a testament to the dedication of all participants and their collective vision to empower individuals and organisations with digital literacy. The success of this Industrial Visit event reinforces ICDL Asia commitment to promoting digital literacy in the digital age.  

As the inspiring journey concludes, we express sincere gratitude to the hosting institutions and firmly believe in the benefits of such industrial visits. We hope to continue facilitating more in the coming years which ICDL Asia Industrial Visit 2023 has set the stage for the region’s digital education transformation, and the road ahead looks promising and full of opportunities. 

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