ICDL and Thailand Professional Qualification Institute (TPQI) Join Forces to Elevate Digital Skills and Standards in Thailand

Bangkok, 25 July 2023 – ICDL and Thailand Professional Qualification Institute (TPQI) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), marking a significant step towards bolstering digital skills and qualifications in Thailand. Through this collaboration, all ICDL modules will be endorsed in Thailand and listed as the first batch of eligible programmes for E-Workforce vouchers. 

The official signing ceremony, held in Bangkok, saw Ms. Jullada Meejul, Acting Director General of the Thailand Professional Qualification Institute, and Mr. Damien O’Sullivan, CEO of the ICDL Foundation, sign the agreement. 

Among the distinguished witnesses included Dr. Wetang Phuangsub, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, Dr. Witoon Simachokedee, Chairman of Digital Development Foundation, Ms. Tina Wu, General Manager of ICDL Asia, Dr. Hugh O’Connor, Managing Director of ICDL Thailand, Ms. Kritkanya Karnchirathan, Executive Director of ICDL Thailand, as well as other representatives from the public and private sectors. 

The primary objective of this collaboration is to empower individuals and professionals in Thailand with access to internationally recognised digital skills certifications. By endorsing all ICDL modules, the partnership aims to enhance the digital capabilities of Thai workforce, aligning them with international standards and preparing them for the challenges of the global economy. 

Under this agreement, TPQI will play a pivotal role in administering the ICDL international digital certification standard and training. The institute will facilitate the assessment of competency in digital use and career standards within the digital industry, empowering students, professionals, and personnel across the country with essential digital skills. 

A key outcome of this collaboration is the development of the E-Portfolio system on the E-Workforce Ecosystem (EWE) platform. This initiative will strengthen professionals in relevant fields by providing them with professional standards and qualifications equivalent to ASEAN levels and international benchmarks. Such high professional standards will enhance the country’s competitiveness on the global stage. 

“This collaboration would be an important step in jointly developing digital-ready personnel to reach international standards ensuring that personnel in the relevant professional fields have professional standards and qualifications.” added by Ms. Jullada Meejul. 

The strategic partnership promises to equip Thailand’s workforce with relevant in-demand digital skills and open doors to enhanced opportunities for professional growth and career advancement. By leveraging ICDL international standards and the expertise of TPQI, ICDL Asia believes that Thailand will be well positioned to make remarkable progress in the development of a digitally skilled workforce capable of thriving in the digital era and competing effectively on the global stage. 

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