ICDL Americas continued its work promoting digital skills and inclusion at a major international conference this month. Staff from ICDL Americas participated in the 22nd International Virtual Educa event, which was organised by the Government of Puerto Rico and the General Secretariat of Virtual Educa, between 20 and 24 June.

ICDL Americas also raised the issue of digital inclusion and skills development in a presentation at the 8th Association of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean for Integration (AUALCPI) Seminar on integration, innovation and sustainable development, which took place within the Higher Education Innovation and Internationalization Forum.

AUALCPI aimed to link different actors through the seminar, following its commitment to provide academic spaces for the development and strengthening of a Latin American and Caribbean identity, focused on the principles of integration, equality, cooperation and development, and to contribute to a tangible regional integration process. Within the framework of the UN’s ‘Agenda 2030’ and 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the participants at the seminar reflected and discussed the issue of sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean, in light of aspects such as regional integration and innovation and the fundamental role of higher education.

ICDL Americas provided the element of digital inclusion. The “digital” aspects of our lives are increasingly integrated in all our activities and behaviors; in the workplace, academic, government, business and media. For this reason the ability to use information and communications technology (ICT) efficienttly, known as digital skills, has been identified as a core skill of the XXI century in many parts of the world. We believe that those individuals who do not have the base skills are at risk of being excluded from the Society of Information and Communication, which is essential for ensuring the right digital literacy.

The conference also provided the opportunity to ratify a Memorandum of Collaboration between AUALCPI and ICDL Americas during the AUALCPI Extraordinary Meeting held as part of Virtual Educa.

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