ICDL Africa in Uganda kicks off high school campaign with ICDL Clubs launch  

Asifiwe International Academy is one of the fast-growing High School Accredited Training Centres (ATCS) in Uganda. It certifies on average about 200 students per year.    

In our pursuit to empower and reach more students through the development, promotion, and delivery of quality certification programmes, ICDL Africa in Uganda recently kicked off the high school campaigns to launch the ICDL clubs within the existing ATCs and the vibrant schools that have the capacity to become centers.  

We strongly believe the awareness campaign and ICDL club formations and upcoming I.T competitions will drive brand awareness among the community that will steer market growth. The campaign will later target universities, National Teacher colleges and Technical/vocational institutions in the country.      

On the day of the election for the ICDL club leadership for the 2023/2024 academic year, Asifiwe International Academy was filled with joy and jubilation among the student community. The event was moderated by Dan Muhenda on behalf of ICDL Africa, and resulted in the election of five student leaders who will be responsible for spearheading all student related ICDL activities and programs. 

Before the election, each of the candidates vying for the positions of president, vice president, minister of information, and general secretary had an opportunity to present their strategies for increasing ICDL awareness and adoption within the school and the surrounding community. 

Once the votes were cast and the new leaders were elected, they expressed their commitment to ensuring the smooth running of the program and championing all other ICDL activities in the school. They also looked forward to participating in upcoming ICDL digital challenge competitions. 

Speaking on behalf of the newly elected leaders, Don Mark Rukundo, the ICDL club minister of information, expressed their excitement about the new assignment and their commitment to making their school shine. He also noted that they were all certified in the ICDL workforce modules and aimed to complete more modules to support their career paths in the future. Finally, he expressed their eagerness to participate in all the exciting programs that ICDL would be bringing to their school. 

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