ICDL Africa ATC Meeting 2020

ICDL Africa ATC meeting 2020 was held online successfully on 26th November  2020. As an annual event for all ICDL Test Centres and partners, the meeting was well attended by more than 160 participants. It included informative updates from ICDL Global and ICDL Africa. In addition ATCs and other partners had an opportunity to share and learn from one another.

With the increasing rise in the need for digital skills and digital skills delivery in these unprecedented Covid-19 times, ICDL, like other organizations, has had to reinvent the way our programmes are delivered.  ICDL has developed new modules and an e-learning platform that will benefit ICDL Test Centers in training and testing remotely or in a classroom.

The event saw the launch of Remote Work and Teamwork modules as well as ICDL Insights.

The Remote Work module introduces essential topics like self-management, set up and tools used for remote working. The teamwork module looks at calendars and task management, communication, and collaborative production.

The ICDL Insights programme consists of short modules, for business managers who are not IT professionals, which provide conceptual understanding of trending and emerging technology.

ICDL Africa would like to thank all our partners for their presentations and we are grateful for the time and effort you took to share your thoughts and experiences during the ATC meeting.

ATCs that would like more information on the above, should reach out to their Account Managers on how they can be integrated in their training.

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