ICDL Africa ATC Forum is back!!!

The ICDL Africa ATC Forum is back and will take place on the 27th October 2021 2021 at Ubumwe Grande hotel in Kigali, Rwanda and online. The overall objective of the ICDL Africa forum will aim at discussing the need and role of digital skills plus how the challenges of digital skills gaps can be addressed in the workforce of Africa.

The ICDL Africa Forum will bring together over 300 participants, focusing on the role and the need for digital skills in Africa in addressing the challenges of the skills gap in the Workforce across the continent. The Minister of ICT and Innovation in Rwanda will be joined by the Minister of ICT in Benin and other strategic partners like Smart Africa, TETFUND, GIZ, Computer Aid International, SOS International and others. Representatives of the various ATCs in Africa, potential partners in the region and ICDL Africa team from all markets.

All ATCs, strategic partners that haven’t received an invitation may reach out to their respective ICDL account managers for more information on attending the event.

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