Find out your existing digital skill level with ICDL Diagnostic Assessments.

ICDL Diagnostic Assessments are designed to help you understand your existing digital skill level. They show you what you’re good at, where you need to develop your skills, and if you’re ready for an ICDL Certification Test. Diagnostic Tests are done using our Skillsbox testing system. That means they are online, easy to use, and you get immediate results.


Learn and build your skills using eBooks and eLearning online from anywhere.

Learn in the classroom or in your own time with our eLearning materials and eBooks. eLearning lets you prepare for the certification test using interactive activities and videos. With our eBooks, you can go in-depth on each topic.


Prove you have developed the skills you need with an ICDL Certification Test

ICDL Certification Tests look and feel just like our Diagnostic Assessments, so you can focus on the questions and prove you meet the ICDL digital skills standard. Special ‘in-application’ technology means that you will complete activities in the same apps you use everyday.

Digital badges and ICDL Profile Certificates

You can earn a digital badge for every module you complete and we’ll send you a digital ICDL Profile Certificate to show your overall achievement. With our Skillsbox Digital Badge technology, it is quick and easy to verify that your badge or certificate is genuine, making them more secure than ever before.

  • You can share your digital badge on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.
  • Include your digital ICDL Profile Certificate in online job applications as a link or PDF.
  • Employers can quickly check that your certificate is genuine.
  • Safely and securely stored online

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