Empowering Future Generations: ICDL China and Huizhou Technician Institute Join Forces for Digital Skills Advancement

Guangdong, December 19, 2023 – ICDL China has officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a strategic partnership with Huizhou Technician Institute at the institution’s campus conference room. 

Among the distinguished attendees include Mr. Zhu Weiping, Dean of Huizhou Technician Institute, Mr. Qiu Jianxiong, Vice Dean of Huizhou Technician Institute, and key officials from the institution’s Training Center. Representing ICDL China were Mr. Lan Xiaoyu, General Manager of ICDL China, Mr. Liu Tingyu, Training Director of ICDL China Project Management, and Ms. Yang Xinyue, Project Manager of ICDL China. 

During the ceremony, Mr. Zhu Weiping provided an overview of the institution’s academic profile, emphasising the pivotal step of integrating ICDL international digital skills certificates into the institution’s curriculum. This move aligns seamlessly with the institution’s internationalisation efforts, reflecting the current emphasis on digital specialisation and talent development. Mr. Zhu Weiping also expressed his optimism about the strategic partnership, anticipating that it will provide the institution with better resources, a larger platform, and more vitality for high-quality development in international cooperation. 

Mr. Lan Xiaoyu, General Manager of ICDL China, also took the opportunity to provide a comprehensive introduction to ICDL as an international benchmark for digital skills recognition. The collaboration with Huizhou Technical Institute aims to cultivate students’ proficiency in digital skills, setting the stage for mutual collaboration. Mr. Lan Xiaoyu expressed the hope that both organisations would leverage this partnership as a starting point, advancing cooperation through a project-oriented, scalable, and regional approach to collectively shape a new dynamic development landscape. 

Established in 1979, Huizhou Technician Institute stands as the sole public technical institution directly under the administration of Huizhou City. The institution holds national-level distinctions with a high-skilled talent training base and is a key technical vocational school in China. Furthermore, the college is also recognised as a National Centre of excellence for the reform and development of secondary vocational education and is among one of the second batch of 10 units designated for the creation of high-level technical colleges in Guangdong Province. 

The collaboration between Huizhou Technician Institute and ICDL China signifies a pivotal moment in the integration of international standards into digital education, underscoring ICDL’s commitment to equipping Chinese students with globally recognised digital skills. The strategic partnership is set to open new avenues for continued innovative development in the field of international education and skill development. 

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