ECDL Romania’s Digital Education Prowess Illuminates OECD Global Forum

Cutting-Edge Initiatives: Unveiling the Future of Education

The OECD Global Forum on the Future of Education and Skills 2030, held in Bucharest, showcased ECDL Romania’s pivotal role in hosting a study visit for an international delegation. This delegation, focused on the evolving landscape of education and skills, explored ECDL Romania’s groundbreaking initiatives incorporating artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and robotics.

Collaboration for Digital Excellence: Public-Private Symbiosis

Discussions during the visit emphasized the critical need for qualitative standards to drive efficient digitization. ECDL Romania, known for its trailblazing role in digital education and innovative approaches, positioned itself as a source of valuable insights within the thematic domain of the Global Forum. The event highlighted the essential collaboration between the public and private sectors to democratize access to quality digital education.

Setting International Benchmarks: ICDL’s Impact on Digital Skills Certification

A significant takeaway from the event was the endorsement of standards certifying the quality of training programs. The ICDL – The Digital Skills Standard program garnered attention, with participants expressing favorable opinions about its international benchmarks for certifying digital skills. The importance of a realistic and rigorous assessment of digital skills was underscored as an essential component for achieving and measuring desired outcomes.

Irinuca Văduva, General Manager of ECDL Romania, expressed gratitude for hosting the prestigious delegation, emphasizing the role of sharing experiences in promoting digital skills and innovation in education. Văduva’s remarks highlighted Romania’s crucial juncture and stressed the importance of choosing a path based on quality and efficiency standards for impactful digitization in favor of competitiveness. The visit during the Global Forum solidified ECDL Romania’s commitment to preparing the future generation of digital professionals.

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