Integrating ICDL in Ugandan ACE Schools

Background: Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) schools in Uganda have recognized the importance of digital literacy in today’s educational landscape. Several institutions, including Asifiwe International Academy (AIA), Friends International Christian Academy (FICA), Orchard International Christian School (OICS), Shoma Christian Academy, and Chum International School, have embraced ICDL Program as a standard for enhancing their students’ digital skills.

Objective: The primary objective of these ACE schools is to equip their students with essential digital skills through the ICDL Certification. This initiative aims to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century job market, ensuring they are proficient in areas such as computer fundamentals, online collaboration, and digital safety.


  1. Asifiwe International Academy (AIA): AIA incorporated ICDL into its curriculum, enrolling 136 students in the first phase. The school not only registered students but also embarked on constructing a state-of-the-art computer lab to facilitate ICDL training for both students and the public.
  2. Friends International Christian Academy (FICA): FICA enrolled 81 students in its initial ICDL phase, investing in modern computers for an enhanced learning experience. The school has also focused on training its staff to keep abreast of technological advancements.
  3. Orchard International Christian School (OICS): OICS, with over 50 students enrolled in ICDL in 2019, witnessed a subsequent increase in student enrollment. The school administration demonstrated commitment by purchasing high-spec computers and iPads, ensuring students and teachers are well-equipped for the digital era.
  4. Shoma Christian Academy: As one of the pioneers among ACE schools, Shoma Christian Academy enrolled 40 students in its first phase of ICDL. The school not only focuses on its students but also contributes to ICDL awareness at Kyambogo University, emphasizing the importance of digital upskilling.
  5. Chum International School: Chum International School, an ACE/British school, committed to training over 50 students in its first year of ICDL participation. The school effectively marketed the ICDL Programme, attracting not only its students but also members of the public, including those from neighboring South Sudan.

Results: These ACE schools have witnessed positive outcomes, with a growing number of students obtaining ICDL certification. The commitment to digital literacy is evident in the construction of dedicated computer labs, investment in modern technology, and efforts to extend ICDL training to the broader community and neighboring institutions.

Conclusion: The integration of the ICDL Program into ACE schools in Uganda reflects a proactive approach to preparing students for a digitally driven world. The commitment of these institutions to provide comprehensive digital skills education sets a precedent for other schools, emphasizing the importance of staying abreast of technological advancements in education.

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