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By completing this process, you will join the ICDL family of thousands of ATCs, across the globe and you’ll be able to offer your learners a digital skills programme that is considered globally as ‘The ‘digital skills standard’.

By joining the ICDL family, you will benefit from ongoing innovation in certification programme development and a commitment to rigorous test design methodologies and quality assurance standards.

Why become an ICDL Accredited Test Centre?

As an ICDL Accredited Test Centre, you will have access to a range of learning and certification resources, including:

  • Diagnostic tests: based on actual rather than self-declared skills. ICDL diagnostic tests offer immediate results and easy-to-read feedback.
  • Certification tests: ICDL offers highly flexible certifications that can be taken without any necessary prior knowledge. Receive immediate results and rest assured that digital certificates are automatically generated for successful candidates.
  • E-Learning: candidates can use e-learning at home or at your center to prepare for ICDL tests.

ICDL is here to help you. We can offer:

  • A complete online digital skills solution – quality eLearning and remote testing if needed
  • A range of marketing materials to promote your courses
  • Telephone and email help from our support team
  • National and international visibility of your centre on our website

How to become an ATC

Contact us at info@icdl.org or submit a contact form (above). Our support team is available to assist you and answer any questions you may have to get started.

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