The Test Centre at the Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas, Mexico, continues its training and certification programmes for students and teachers

The ICDL Accredited Test Centre at the Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas (UAT) began its operation in 2014 with a vision towards the importance of incorporating international certifications in digital skills in undergraduate and graduate educational programmes, complementing the professional training of students based on the new demands of the labour market. UAT's Test Centre has attended a total of 1560 candidates.

At the same time, since 2018 the UAT has also implemented a strategy of teacher training and specialization to develop digital competencies for teaching. After 3 years, it has managed to certify a total of 480 university professors in the different international certifications offered at the Test Centre. This institutional effort, allowed facilitating the transition of teachers from face-to-face education to education through digital media, derived from the COVID-19 pandemic where all Higher Education Institutions (HEI) had to implement synchronous and asynchronous communication, collaboration techniques and strategies supported by technological applications in order to meet the demands of educational services of undergraduate and graduate students around the world.

The Accredited ICDL Test Centre is coordinated by the Department of Distance Education, under the Academic Secretariat of the UAT, . currently managing initiatives at the Victoria and Tampico sites Campus (Central and South Zone).

UAT as ICDL Accredited Test Centre has national and international recognition in training human capital specialized in digital skills internally and for other institutions, for example staff of the United Nations (UN) have been certified in digital skills here.

For further information visit their Facebook pages @EaDUAT and @ECDLUAT and the the Distance Education Department of the Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas website:


Dr. Arturo Amaya Amaya

Distance Education Director

PH:  +52 8343181800 Ext. 2640

Ing. Alfonso Avila Ramirez

ICDL Administrator

PH:  +52 8343181800 Ext. 2634

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