ICDL is Ireland’s leading digital skills certification. With a wide range of courses to choose from, ICDL offers your learners the real world digital skills they need to excel and become more productive learners, employees, entrepreneurs and citizens, no matter their background or experience.

The ICDL Ireland team has a long history of working with ETBs and community development initiatives to support learners along different learning journeys.

ICDL easily fits into any number of courses or awards

ICDL is already a part of the offering of ETBs across the country but now has an expanded range of modules focusing on productivity skills central to the world of work and more advanced skills for those in technology reliant roles across sectors. ICDL can also integrate into new models of training provision such as traineeships and the Skills to Connect and Skills to Advance programmes.

ICDL is a completely flexible programme which means you can implement it as you wish or incorporate it into any course or learning plan. With 29 modules to choose from, any award can benefit from adding ICDL as a component. There are no set or minimum numbers of modules that must be completed.

QQI Exemption

QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland), the State agency responsible for promoting quality and
accountability in education and training services in Ireland, maps ICDL to certain QQI component awards.
ICDL can be used to gain an exemption of these awards on the National Framework of Qualifications

Creating your learners’ ICDL profile

Some examples of how to combine our modules to create an ICDL profile:

View our full module range on our programmes page here.

Adult students in a computer classroom

Digital skills are essential in all walks of life – especially in the new world of remote and flexible work practices. At Pitman Training we have been delighted to work with ICDL as they have introduced new modules and excellent e-supports”

Joan Donnellan, Contracted Training Manager, ICE Group

ICDL can benefit all ETB learners

School leavers

ICDL modules are designed to help school leavers find their place in the new world of work.

Our wide range of modules can spark an interest in new areas or consolidate programmes of study. ICDL eLearning used in a blended learning model enhances learners’ experiences. Their progress is recognised with easily shareable digital certificates.

Trainees and apprentices

Digital skills are required in all occupations and industries. ICDL gives trainees and apprentices the digital capability for work-based learning and to improve employment outcomes.

Adult learners

Learners of all ages will find ICDL accessible, easy-to-use and free of unnecessary jargon. Modules offer bite-size learning and the topics are designed to equip everyone with the skills they need for today’s digital society. ELearning easily fits into learners’ lives alongside their personal and work commitments.

The ICDL Digital Citizen programme, successor to EqualSkills, helps bridge the digital divide for learners who are yet to get to grips with the digital world.

Those entering or returning to the workforce

ICDL is the digital skills certification most recognised by employers worldwide.

ICDL modules have been designed to empower workers for the digital workplace. Whether that is getting to grips with working remotely, understanding and recording data trends or becoming an online brand ambassador.

Modules can be accessed as and when needed, fitting perfectly around job search and personal commitments. Digital certificates provide validated evidence of skills and competence.

ICDL is demanded by employers

Employers across Ireland continue to demand ICDL as evidence of digital skills and governments around the world have implemented ICDL in large scale initiatives, upskilling cohorts of their populations to improve job prospects and increase productivity within the workforce. Find out more in our references brochure here.

Interested in offering ICDL in your ETB?

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