For ICDL Accredited Test Centres only

If you are an ICDL Accredited Test Centre and have not yet registered for ICDL Connect, click here

If you are already registered but are having issues accessing ICDL Connect please contact us.

ICDL Connect provides a single online access point for ICDL Accredited Test Centres to interact with ICDL

Managing your Account Details

The Account Details section lets you see the details we hold for your test centre. You can see who has access to ICDL in your centre. If any of the details are incorrect, your ATC Coordinator can add, edit and remove contacts and assign roles directly from the Account Details section of ICDL Connect.

Marketing Resources

ICDL’s Global Marketing Team is constantly developing new sales and marketing resources to help our Accredited Test Centres to promote ICDL effectively. Accredited Test Centres can download promotional materials such as posters, brochures and signage templates from the Resources section of ICDL Connect. Use the directory page to quickly find the most important or frequently used resources, or browse all our resources

Ordering ICDL Certification Resources

The Ordering section lets Accredited Test Centres order ICDL certification resources such as ICDL Profile Packs and ICDL Module Packs. You can find out more about how to order ICDL certification resources in the ICDL Connect support section, where you will find instructional videos to guide you through the ordering process.

Technical Support & Training

On the support page, Accredited Test Centres can log a support case and view any open cases currently being worked on. You can also quickly search for help in our library of support articles. The Support section also gives you access to helpful guides and training and provides contact details for support queries.

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