What is ICDL and how does it work?

ICDL makes it easy to Assess, Build and Certify your digital skills

Find out your existing skills level with an ICDL Diagnostic Assessment

After taking the assessment you will immediately get feedback about what you can do well and what you need to work on. You can use this to focus your learning where it matters.

Build your skills using ICDL E-Books and E-Learning online, from anywhere.

You can learn in the classroom or in your own time with our E-Learning materials and E-Books.

Prove you have developed the digital skills you need with an ICDL Certification Test.

ICDL Certification Tests look and feel just like our Diagnostic Assessments. In-Application Technology means that you will complete activities in the same apps that you use everyday.

Prove you meet the ICDL Digital Skills Standard

You earn a digital badge for each module you complete and we will send you an ICDL Digital Profile Certificate. Add on modules to your ICDL Profile Certificate later, if you take ICDL in the future.

Share your digital badges on Linkedin and include your ICDL Digital Profile Certificate on job applications.

Never lose your certificate, with secure online storage.

ICDL Digital Badges and Certificates give you the power and flexibility to prove your digital skills.

Are you ready to Assess, Build and Certify your digital skills? Click here to locate your ICDL Regional website and find an ICDL Test Centre near you.

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