Free ICDL diagnostic tests available in Jordan and Middle East during Covid-19 crisis

Students in Jordan and several other countries in the Middle East will be able to benefit from a free version of ICDL diagnostic tests. The tests have been developed and launched by Specto, which operates the ICDL programme in Jordan, in response to the suspension of studies at schools in the country.

The tests are web-based and allos students to use them from home, without the need to go to their school or to a testing centre. The initiative was trialed with schools in Jordan before being made available more widely in the Middle East region.

Using the diagnostic tests to practice should increase the chances of students to successfully pass certification tests and gain ICDL certification. Available at, the assessments cover eight ICDL modules, and will remain available for free for several weeks, until schools reopen. Specto is also offering free technical support to users throughout the period, and is investigating options for candidates to take tests remotely, using guidelines developed by ICDL Foundation.

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