FEDA Madrid Incorporates ICDL

FEDA Madrid, formerly known as ASET, is making significant strides towards preparing its students for the digital future by incorporating ICDL into its curriculum starting this academic year. As a renowned German school for dual business training, accredited by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Conference of Ministers of Education and Culture of the Federal Republic of Germany, FEDA Madrid has always been committed to providing its students with the highest quality education and preparing them for the evolving demands of the global workforce.

For over four decades, FEDA Madrid has partnered with the German Chamber of Commerce for Spain and esteemed multinational corporations like Stihl, Kuehne+Nagel, DB Schenker, Transfesa Logistics, SanLucar, and Thyssenkrupp. Together, they’ve provided dual vocational training and dual degrees in Business Administration and Management, delivered proficiently in both German and Spanish languages. FEDA Madrid operates as a non-profit association, proudly supported by over 60 member companies and a dedicated board of directors.

Now, FEDA Madrid is poised to take a significant leap forward by incorporating the ICDL into its curriculum. This strategic decision reflects the school’s commitment to preparing its students for the digital age, equipping them with essential digital skills recognized globally. The decision to integrate ICDL into their educational offerings reflects FEDA Madrid’s dedication to equipping its students with essential digital skills crucial for success in the modern world. Recognised internationally, ICDL provides students with the opportunity to acquire and certify a diverse range of digital competencies, from fundamental IT knowledge to advanced programming and cybersecurity skills. By offering the ICDL certification program, FEDA Madrid aims to empower its students to navigate the digital landscape confidently and excel in both their personal and professional lives.

The benefits of incorporating ICDL into the curriculum are manifold. Not only does it enhance students’ employability by equipping them with industry-recognized digital skills, but it also fosters a culture of continuous learning and adaptability essential in today’s fast-paced digital environment. Moreover, by becoming an official training and examining centre for ICDL in Spain, FEDA Madrid reaffirms its commitment to educational excellence and innovation.

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