ICDL Africa Digital Challenge 2024  

The ICDL Africa Digital Challenge is an annual competition for primary, secondary, higher education, and tertiary students in Africa who want to showcase their digital skills. It aims to provide practical training in digital skills needed for various professional fields in the rapidly changing digital economy.

Last year, over 300 students from Kenya and Uganda participated in the competition. After the successful pilot, ICDL Africa Digital Challenge 2024 will expand to include a new territory and more levels of education, making it accessible to more students across Africa.

The competition will introduce contestants to emerging technologies, design, and the use of office application tools. It will take place from March 2024 to September 2024, and a detailed timeline is available on the Competition Journey page.

The competition has various tracks, including Registration of Interest and Group Registration, and is open to those in other territories who contact the organizers for more information.

If you have any inquiries about the Digital Challenge 2024, please contact the organizers at info@icdlafrica.org. Take this opportunity to challenge yourself and get recognized for your digital skills at ICDL Africa Digital Challenge 2024!

The competition is open to all secondary and tertiary school students in the African region.

  • Secondary Level: Students aged 13 – 17* years old
  • Tertiary / University Level: Students aged 18 – 26 years old

*Students aged 17 years old who are in Junior Colleges, Polytechnics or other vocational schools will fall under tertiary education. 

Students will compete based on the following three tracks

The Digital Challenge 2023 competition will take place from March to September 2023.

May 2024

Round 1: Preliminary Round

Contestants are required to complete the ICDL Essential modules online.
The top 10 contestants will be selected from each school to proceed to the Semi final Round

May 2024
June 2024

Round 2: Semi Final

Contestants are required to complete the modules based on their respective tracks. The top 2 contestants from each territory will be selected to proceed to the Grand Final Round.

June 2024
July 2024

Round 3: Grand Final Round

Contestants are required to complete the modules or project based on the respective tracks. Winners from each track will be announced during our Award Ceremony.

July 2024
September 2024

Award Ceremony

All ICDL Africa DC 2024 Grand Finalists are required to attend the award ceremony and ICDL Africa Forum 2024.

September 2024

Group Registration

If you are from other territories please kindly contact info@icdlafrica.org for more information.

The group registration is open

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