With the objective of promoting the culture of teleworking in Colombia, the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology will begin a process of training and certification of its workers in digital skills related to teleworking.

With the support of ICDL Colombia, a virtual training course of 40 hours will be offered that will lead to ICDL certification during the months of October and November, with the goal of having 70 members of staff in the ministry gain certification using the teleworking profile.

A Cisco study has revealed that telework brings a number of benefits to businesses and companies, such as an increase of productivity of up to 23%, the reduction of costs of physical office space by 18%, and the reduction of absenteeism by 63%. It also reduces the environmental impact and, because of the flexibility to work remotely, it makes employees happier, due to the fact that they are able to organise their own working time. It also opens the door to employment for people with reduced mobility.

More information is available on the Spanish website of ICDL Americas or on ICDL Colombia.

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