CEDF-DELL Upskilling Future Workforce for the Digital Economy Project

Project Overview:

In alignment with DELL’s commitment to its 2030 social impact goals, the China Education Development Foundation (CEDF) and DELL Technologies collaborated on the “Upskilling Future Workforce for the Digital Economy” project. This strategic initiative introduced a globally recognized digital standards curriculum, leveraging the ICDL Certification Program, to enhance teaching quality and effectiveness in local vocational schools.

Implementation and Impact:

In the first year, 50 vocational schools actively participated in the project, benefiting over 50,000 students and teachers. The ICDL Certification Program, adopted for training and assessment, successfully certified 2,397 students and 97 teachers. National Centre for Educational Technology of China (NCET) organized teacher training and ICT in Education workshops, further certifying educators and enhancing their digital literacy skills.

Over 6,500 workers, including 48 production line workers and staff, benefited from the project, with ICDL certifications enhancing their digital skills.

Testimonials and Impact Stories:

  • Principal Fu Xiaoping from Xin’ An Vocational Senior High School highlighted the project’s positive impact on improving teaching quality and pedagogical approaches.
  • Yan Fengmei, Human Resources Manager at Compal Electronics, expressed the significance of ICDL in daily work, particularly in using Office Applications effectively.
  • Li Rongxiang, Technician at Wistron Corporation, emphasized the deeper understanding gained through the ICDL Digital Marketing module, enhancing skills in digital marketing functions.

Project Scale and Future Outlook

With its widespread success, the project continues to scale efforts, empowering people with essential digital skills for the evolving demands of the digital economy. This collaborative initiative stands as a beacon for effective public-private partnerships, driving positive transformations in education and workforce development.

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