AIMS and Mastercard Foundation ICDL Partnership – Enhancing Teaching Quality Through ICT Integration


In a groundbreaking collaboration between the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), the Mastercard Foundation and ICDL Foundation, the objective was set to elevate teaching quality by seamlessly incorporating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into everyday classroom practices. Recognizing the transformative potential of ICT in education, the partnership aimed to establish Smart Classrooms, fostering an environment where technology enhances the teaching and learning experience.


To bring this vision to life, AIMS, with funding from the Mastercard Foundation, took the lead in setting up Smart Classrooms equipped with modern technology tools. To ensure the effective utilization of ICT, ICDL certification was provided by ICDL, an internationally recognised digital skills certification authority. A select group of teachers underwent ICDL training and became master trainers, who in turn empowered their peers to skillfully integrate ICT tools into their teaching methodologies.


The partnership has had a profound impact on the education landscape. A total of 3,563 teachers have been trained and certified by ICDL so far, thereby enhancing their proficiency in using ICT in the classroom. The Smart Classrooms not only facilitate interactive and engaging teaching practices but also create a dynamic learning environment for students.

Master Trainers and Peer Training

Empowering select teachers as master trainers has been a key strategy in scaling the initiative. These master trainers, equipped with ICDL certification, play a pivotal role in training their peers. This cascading model ensures a wider reach, enabling a significant number of teachers to acquire essential ICT skills.

Challenges and Achievements

While challenges have been encountered, such as ensuring sustained implementation and addressing potential infrastructure gaps, the achievements are notable. The partnership has successfully transformed traditional classrooms into technology-enabled hubs of learning, fostering a new era in education.

Future Outlook:

The AIMS and Mastercard ICDL Partnership stands as a beacon for the effective integration of ICT in education. The ongoing commitment to training and certifying teachers indicates a dedication to continuous improvement. The initiative paves the way for a future where technology is seamlessly woven into the fabric of education, preparing students for the challenges of the digital age.


This case study highlights the success of the AIMS and Mastercard ICDL Partnership in enhancing teaching quality through the strategic incorporation of ICT in the classroom. The collaborative efforts, backed by ICDL certification and master trainers, underscore the transformative potential of such initiatives in shaping the future of education.

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