COVID-19 has had a major impact on nearly every area of our lives. Training and education is no exception. To help support you in keeping some normality in this difficult time, ICDL Europe has developed several resources for remote certification testing and e-learning.

If you are an ICDL candidate, please speak to your contact person at the centre where you usually take your ICDL course. They will be able to advise you how they will be working with the ICDL programme during the COVID-19 crisis. The information on this page is mainly intended for ICDL Europe Accredited Test Centres.

Remote testing

We have implemented a remote invigilation protocol to allow you to run ICDL certification test sessions with candidates remotely. That means that a test session can be run when both the Accredited Tester and ICDL candidate are unable to come to the test centre physically.

Please use the link to the right to download our Remote Invigilation Guidelines. These explain everything you need to know about how to run a remote test session. You can also download an information sheet to give to candidates, explaining what they need to do to take part in a remote test session.

Demo test

You can use the demo test below to prepare candidates using the Sophia Automated Test System. Test questions may appear in Dutch.

Internet Explorer or Edge

  • Download the demo test here (it can take a few seconds for the screen to load)
  • Click on continue

Google Chrome, Firefox or another browser

  • Click on the download link and save the demo test on your computer
  • Start the application by double-clicking on it and selecting ‘Assessment test’
  • Enter the password, ‘keuzdemo’ and click on ‘Continue’

Once a remote test session is complete, you need to submit a report. You can do this online by clicking on the button below on the left. You will also need to submit a Remote Session Registration Form. You can download this using the button below on the right.

e-Learning materials

To help your candidates to continue to learn and prepare for ICDL certification tests while they are in isolation at home, we have made our learning materials available as e-books through the Skillsbox platform. If you would like to use these resources, please contact ICDL Europe.

Graphic showing the front covers of example learning materials.

ICT in Education

Teachers are on the front line of supporting our communities. Almost overnight, education switched from the traditional classroom setting to online distance learning. For many teachers, the work to move their teaching online has not just involved moving lessons to video conferencing. Teachers’ digital skills have been called on like never before.

ICDL Europe is making a new module available to test centres: ICT in Education. This module certifies the key concepts relating to the use of ICT in education, and supports teachers in effectively using ICT in education.

If you want to use the ICT in Education module, please contact ICDL Europe. The module is currently available in English and is available as an ICDL Module Pack, including online learning materials.

Photograph of a woman using a computer.

Contact us

ICDL Europe remains fully operational during this period. You can contact is with any questions about how to run remote test sessions, access our e-learning materials, or anything else to do with ICDL.

Phone: +32 (0)2 681 04 39


Lines are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, except national holidays.

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