St Joseph’s Technical Institute-Virika

St Joseph’s Technical Institute (SJTI) of Uganda Martyrs University grew from a carpentry and joinery workshop which was established at Virika in 1922 by the Catholic Church expatriate missionaries. A motor vehicle workshop was opened in 1983 and a Fitter Machine workshop in 1996 to support the increasing student numbers and the demand for hands on practical training facilities.

In 2014 SJTI was placed under the established faculty of engineering and applied sciences of Uganda Martyrs University, however SJTI continues to run as a TVET institution governed by the Board that is appointed by the University which is the founding body. It’s registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports as a private Technical Institute. We are also an accredited institute by The Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB) CENTER NUMBER UBT075, and DIT assessment centre NUMBER UVQF/134.

St. Josephs Technical Institute serves the Rwenzori Region as a vocational skills institute for students who have completed secondary schools’ education, as well as primary school leavers in order to achieve the government strategic plan of skilling all the Ugandan youth to eradicate poverty.

Kyegobe Road Kinyamasika Box 778, Fort Portal