SPECTO partner with AICA for the “Haddak for a Better Future” project

The partnership between the Alawite Islamic Charity Association (AICA) and ICDL’s national operator for Jordan, SPECTO has been truly transformative. This is highlighted by the success of the “Haddak for a Better Future” project in collaboration with Akkarouna and funded by Expertise France.

From the beginning of their partnership, AICA has fully embraced the ICDL certification program as a cornerstone for empowerment. SPECTO has been instrumental in providing the necessary support and resources to make this vision a reality. Together, they’ve worked to provide digital skills training to vulnerable communities in North Lebanon, with initiatives like the Netizen’s Digital Lab, established in collaboration with ICDL, serving as beacons of change equipped with top-notch facilities and certified instructors.

AICA’s commitment to inclusivity is evident in their tailored approach to the “Haddak” program, ensuring that it reaches women, youth, and individuals with special needs. With the support of SPECTO and ICDL, AICA has successfully empowered these communities, enabling them to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. The impact is palpable, with countless success stories emerging, ranging from improved employability to the creation of new entrepreneurial ventures.

Through their partnership with SPECTO, AICA isn’t just imparting skills; they’re sowing the seeds for a brighter future where technological literacy is a catalyst for socio-economic empowerment. The success of initiatives like “Haddak for a Better Future” serves as a testament to the profound impact that strategic collaborations can have on vulnerable communities, offering a model for scalable and sustainable change.

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