ICDL now offers a complete online solution.

ICDL eLearning, when combined with online diagnostic and certification tests and remote invigilation software, provides test centres with a complete ICDL online learning, assessment and certification solution to offer learners.

eLearning – Support learners with a blended solution

eLearning has completely transformed the way in which learning is imparted to students. eLearning makes learning simpler, easier and more effective.

Face-to-face training is an important mechanism for delivering training – but sometimes it is not possible. Recent restrictions on bringing students together for physical learning mean that eLearning plays an increasingly important role in developing knowledge and skills. It can keep students on track, focused on the milestone of their ICDL certification test. ICDL eLearning can complement and reinforce face-to-face training when this is provided – or can act as a stand-alone solution.

ICDL eLearning enables educators to communicate learning content in a consistent and high quality way, ensuring all learners enjoy the same level of teaching no matter where they are.

An ICDL module pack contains learning content, diagnostic assessments, and the certification test. eLearning, for an increasing number of modules, is now included in this pack. This substantial product enhancement makes an ICDL more attractive and more effective. Combine this eLearning with your own learning activities to create a solution that is tailored for your students.

Learn at your own pace

Remote Learning and Certification allows learners to engage with their coursework, diagnostic tests and certification tests at their own pace. This flexible approach to learning and certification means that learners can tailor their learning to fit their lifestyle. ICDL elearning can be accessed at anytime, anywhere, which means that the pace of learning is controlled by the student and makes it possible for those training around a job or other responsibilities to choose when, where and how they learn by selecting the time, place and medium for their education.

Engaging and interactive content

ICDL eLearning uses a variety of approaches to teach key skills and knowledge – for example, simulations and reinforcement exercises. This learning content is focused, relevant, and engaging. For examples of ICDL elearning content please see the video below.


Performance-based Assessment measures a learner’s ability to apply their skills and knowledge to perform certain tasks. Skillsbox In-Application Technology facilitates Performance-based Assessment, by allowing the candidate to work through test questions, and execute the actions required, in the desktop version of the application. The Skillsbox software records and scores the candidate as they perform actions within the desktop application. Candidates receive their results immediately on completion. In-Application Technology is used across the entire Skillsbox platform to enhance Assessments, Learning Resources and Certification.

As well as In-Application Technology*, Skillsbox uses a number of question types, including Hotspots, Drag and
Drop, Matching, Fill in the blank, Multiple Choice, and Simulation.

Prepare throughly for the Certification Exam

Crucially, ICDL elearning content is focused on making sure learners develop the right skills to get certified. What’s more, learners may access the elearning content an unlimited number of times. Coupled with use of the diagnostic tests, this provides excellent preparation for ICDL certification.

eLearning is an efficient way of teaching as the time taken to deliver the same content in-person is usually much higher. This can be due to the fact that lessons start quickly and learners are not held back by others in the group if they are able to progress quickly through the content. Students can focus on specific topics rather than all topics on the course if appropriate.

Remote Testing

ICDL now offers Test Centers specialist remote invigilation software, enabling the candidate to take a test from home or the office, without the candidate or invigilator ever having to be in the test centre in person. Remote Invigilation means that geographical barriers no longer apply. What’s more, remote invigilation means business continuity is ensured when travel restrictions apply or a business premises or educational institution is inaccessible. For remote testing and invigilation guidelines and documentation, click here

Digital Badges and Certificates

ICDL Digital Badge and Certificates automate the process of secure, cost-effective module verification. In today’s competitive environment, learners and employers alike expect digital skills to be recognised by a credible Digital Badge and Certificate. In addition, social sharing of digital badges drive referrals and the ‘stacking’ of badges are common practice to illustrate skills accumulation and act as a strong incentive to further learning.

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