Temasek Polytechnic Singapore

In July 2020, ICDL Asia welcomed Temasek Polytechnic (TP) as the first Singapore-based Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) to offer ICDL certification to its students. As of December 2021, more than 1,400 TP students benefitted from studying at least one ICDL modules since its implementation.

ICDL References and Endorsements Brochure


– It works
– Digital skills certification is all we do
– We’re global and local

Digital skills certification is a key tool in delivering on a digital skills strategy.

Wherever ICDL is implemented, ICDL is there, on the ground.

We build our network of partners and support those partners. We build capacity locally but also operate to a global standard.

This References and Endorsements Brochure gives you examples of where ICDL works, all around the world.

Yayasan TM: Nurturing Future-Ready Leaders for a Digital Malaysia

In April 2021, Yayasan TM (YTM) identified ICDL as its key digital skills certification programme to spearhead a new education initiative that equips YTM scholars with digital skills of the future economy. To date, more than 175 YTM’s scholars in Malaysia have benefitted from this ICDL programme in just the first 7 months of implementation. …

ANSUT oversees the adoption and implementation of ICDL nationally in Côte d’Ivoire

The National Agency for Universal Telecommunications-TIC Service (ANSUT) oversees the adoption and implementation of ICDL nationally in Côte d’Ivoire, a national plan, embracing all the sectors (public administrations, private sectors and schools). They plan to certify more than 50 000 people per year.​ ANSUT’s vision is to provide citizens, businesses and administrations with a Universal Telecommunications Service and contribute to the development of a digital economy in …

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