Pu-men High School joins ICDL as the first high school test centre in Taiwan

Pu-men High School joins ICDL as the first high school ATC (Accredited Test Centre) in Taiwan recently.

Pu-men High School is a private high school located in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, with both middle school and high school departments. The school has established a Programming Specialised Student Club – Coding Class to train and develop computer and programming skills for middle school students with potentials. Coding Class students take weekly programming courses and participate in programming related extra-curricular activities and competitions regularly.

Students in Pu-men High School are taking ICDL Computing Certification tests

A total of 16 students in the 2nd-year middle school Coding Class have successfully completed ICDL Computing certification tests recently, as an assessment of their one-year Python learning journey. It Is also the first time for Coding Class students certify with the global digital skills standard. The school hopes to develop internationally recognised programming skills for its students in this way.

Principal of Pu-men High School: Mr Tsai Guo-Chyuan

ICDL Asia hopes more students to be equipped with digital sills and benefits from ICDL in Pu-men High School!

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