Empowering students with the digital skills needed for school, college, and the modern workplace

ICDL is a global digital literacy certification designed to empower students to learn real-world skills that enable them to think critically and be more productive learners. 

Why should your school embed ICDL into the school curriculum ?

ICDL benefits for students

  • Provides students with the skills they need to succeed at school and prepares them for future studies and the workplace
  • Develops skills for students to learn in a more self-directed way
  • Develops communication skills, self-confidence and a sense of responsibility
  • Broadens students’ horizons – exploring new subject areas, gaining confidence and an understanding in the potential of digital technologies
  • ICDL is an international certification, a marker of quality in the learning content and a certification to take with them recognised by employers worldwide

ICDL simply works. How?

  • Self-guided learning in recommended modules
  • Bespoke system makes it easy to set up courses and get students learning
  • No training needed in specialised subjects – eLearning covers the curriculum fully
  • Packages available no matter how much time you have in your timetable
  • One easy price per student, no hidden or extra costs

ICDL Digital Student – a complete digital skills solution for schools

ICDL Digital Student is a global digital literacy programme designed to empower school students to learn real-world skills that enable them to think critically and be more productive learners. 

This student-centred digital skills programme focuses on equipping students with key skills and knowledge on the effective use of office productivity tools, online collaboration and emerging technologies.

To offer ICDL Digital Student at your school, simply contact ICDL Africa and complete the accreditation process, and your school will join the hundreds of schools offering the ICDL, located across various countries in Africa.

The quality and reputation of ICDL is built on over twenty-five years of experience in delivering certification programs to over 17 million people in 140 countries.

Find out more

Contact contact us at info@icdlafrica.org or call us on: +250 788380102. Our support team is available to assist you and answer any questions you may have to get started.

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