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  • The Minister of Education of the Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany, Dr. Stefanie Hubig, has signed an extension of the agreement to facilitate the introduction of ICDL in schools in state. The post ICDL prepares school students for the digitalisation of the world of work, especially in times of pandemic appeared first on ICDL Europe.
  • A new research report commissioned by the European Parliament’s Culture committee has investigated the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on programmes for education and young people in Europe. Among the points highlighted in the report is the challenge that the sudden switch to digital learning posed for teachers and students. The post European Parliament report supports greater resilience for education systems appeared first on ICDL Europe.
  • The European Commission is launching a new ‘Digital Skills and Jobs Platform’ to serve as a central home for the EU’s digital skills initiatives. The post EU launches Digital Skills and Jobs Platform as hub for digital skills actions appeared first on ICDL Europe.
  • The European Commission launched its vision for the digital transformation of Europe on 9 May 2021. Digital skills feature significantly as one of four focus areas. The post EU announces ambitious digital targets for 2030 – plans online conference on 1 and 2 June appeared first on ICDL Europe.
  • The Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic (MŠMT in Czech) approved a new retraining programme focused on digital skills for Industry 4.0. The programme is based on ICDL. The post New retraining programme for Industry 4.0 using ICDL in the Czech Republic appeared first on ICDL Europe.
  • Christopher Sullivan, CEO of ICDL France, has been elected to the position of National Administrator of the Fédération Française de la Formation (FFP). The post ICDL France CEO elected National Administrator of Fédération Française de la Formation appeared first on ICDL Europe.
  • Beyond any clichés of digital skills being limited to the mastery of social networks among the youngest or the use of video conferencing so that seniors can keep in touch with their grandchildren, the testimonies of candidates give us a broader picture. ICDL France interviewed both the youngest and oldest candidates for ICDL certification. The post 16,000 new candidates registered for ICDL certification in France in 2020 appeared first on ICDL Europe.
  • During a live event broadcast online to mark the 60th anniversary of AICA, the ICDL operator in Italy, Giovanni Adorni, President of AICA, spoke about the commitment, vision and mission of AICA towards the Italian recovery post-Covid-19, focusing on social innovation as a strategy and a stimulus for recovery and a factor of diffusion of digital culture. The post AICA celebrates 60 years with online event on ‘Digital: driver of social innovation’ appeared first on ICDL Europe.
  • The ICDL Computer and Online Essentials module is now available in the Czech Republic. ECDL Czech Republic launched the module, which is part of the ICDL Workforce programme, at the start of February 2021. The post Computer and Online Essentials module launched in Czech Republic appeared first on ICDL Europe.
  • A new study from Cedefop has found that there is an increased demand for digital skills across the workforce because of the coronavirus pandemic. The post Report shows rapid digitalisation due to pandemic, continued existence of digital divides appeared first on ICDL Europe.


  • ICDL Vietnam launched a five-week ICDL training course in collaboration with Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation on 10 April 2021. 20 students from leading Vietnam universities and 3 staff members of Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation attended the course. The Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation is a grassroots charity organisation that offers special care services and practical solutions … The post ICDL Vietnam collaborated with Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation to implement an ICDL training course appeared first on ICDL Asia.
  • We are proud to announce that the ICDL Professional Legal Programme, a joint certification programme between ICDL Asia and the Singapore Academy of Law, has successfully launched in Singapore. Students pursuing a Diploma in Law and Management in Temasek Polytechnic School of Business will be among the first batch of law students to undergo and … The post TP Law students first to undergo ICDL Asia and Singapore Academy of Law joint certification appeared first on ICDL Asia.
  • With an increasing demand for 3D modelling and printing, we are glad to partner with IEG Campus to pilot the ICDL Professional 3D Design module in Malaysia. IEG Campus is the first ICDL accredited test centre focused on the 3D Design module in Malaysia.  This module covers the main concepts and skills needed to create three-dimensional drawings using computer-aided design (CAD). After completing … The post Growing demand for ICDL 3D Design in Malaysia appeared first on ICDL Asia.
  • ICDL Asia officially launched ICDL Insights on 5 May 2021, a series of programmes focused on helping business managers to understand trending and emerging technologies. The first four modules of ICDL Insights programme: Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are announced as the latest additions to our wide range of digital … The post Understanding the Importance of Emerging Technologies: ICDL Insights Programme Officially Launched in Asia appeared first on ICDL Asia.
  • 30 March 2021 signifies the launching of the online training programme for Chinese vocational school teachers of NCET-Dell “Upskill Future Workforce in Digital Economy”. This joint project is led by the China Education Development Foundation (CEDF) and Dell Technologies, and is supported by National Centre for Educational Technology (NCET). The launch event was attended by … The post NCET commences Teachers Training for Dell CSR Project in China appeared first on ICDL Asia.

ICDL Africa

  • ICDL Africa held its second Virtual Train the Trainer Workshop in Kenya this year. The virtual workshop, conducted from 9th to 11th June 2021, was attended by 10 participants representing four Accredited Test Centres. namely S.C.S. Swaminarayan Academy, Shree Cutchi Leva Patel Samaj School, and College, The Presbyterian University of East Africa, and Unity College Of Professional Studies.  The 3-day … The post ICDL Africa: Kenya Train the Trainer Workshop. appeared first on ICDL Africa.
  • The Rwanda Digital school project will establish Digital Schools (with 40 PCs each), across 8 secondary schools in Kigali, Rwanda. In total the project will supply 320 PCs, 24 laptops, assistive technology to aid classes and impact up to 2,000 students from underprivileged communities in the project’s first phase (and up to 12,000 students in … The post Rwanda Digital schools project appeared first on ICDL Africa.
  • The Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) is a Pan African women’s organization whose mission is to support girls and women acquire education for development. FAWE was founded in 1992 and its headquarters are in Nairobi, Kenya. FAWE Rwanda is one of the 34 chapters across Africa. It was founded in 1997 by a group … The post Graduation at Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) appeared first on ICDL Africa.
  • The National Bank of Rwanda (BNR) strives to be a world class Central Bank that contributes to economic growth & development, by using robust monetary policy tools to maintain stable market prices. The Bank ensures financial stability in a free-market economy as it embraces innovations, diversity, inclusiveness, and economic integration. The Bank is charged with … The post The National Bank of Rwanda (Central Bank of Rwanda) Staff train in ICDL appeared first on ICDL Africa.
  • ICDL Africa ATC meeting 2020 was held online successfully on 26th November 2020. As an annual event for all ICDL Test Centres and partners, the meeting was well attended by more than 160 participants. The event saw the launch of the new Remote Work and Teamwork Modules as well as ICDL Insights. The post ICDL Africa ATC Meeting 2020 appeared first on ICDL Africa.

ICDL Americas

  • ICDL Americas participated on the virtual Caribbean Digital Skills Symposium last April 7th and 8th. The event, organised by Regional Consultant Jenelle Ross-McIntyre, had the goal of exploring the potentials of digital skills for regional development. La publicaciónICDL Americas on the virtual Caribbean Digital Skills Symposium apareció primero enICDL Americas.
  • ICDL Europe launched a new publication on DigComp and ICDL this month, including the results of a new mapping of ICDL to the EU’s DigComp framework. DigComp is a critical tool for understanding digital competence. It helps align training, certification, and the needs of the job market. It increases mobility, opens educational opportunities, and helps … La publicaciónNew mapping of ICDL to the EU’s DigComp framework apareció primero enICDL Americas.
  • The launch of ICDL in Brazil, thorough his local partner Digital Brick, is a highly anticipated event by local educational institutions, as it is one of the most renowned international digital certifications recognized by institutions around the world and which was not yet present in the country. La publicación2020 Launch of ICDL in Brazil apareció primero enICDL Americas.
  • ICDL Americas will be remaining active during the Covid-19 crisis to help support all users of the ICDL programme in Latin America and the Caribbean. While this is an exceptionally difficult time, we will be taking steps to support the continued operation of the ICDL programme in our region. We are working closely with Partners … La publicaciónCOVID-19 apareció primero enICDL Americas.
  • A digital skills programme is set to start in Colombia with cooperation between the National Learning Service, Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA) and ICDL Colombia. The National School of Instructors of SENA aims to train instructors to ensure they have the necessary digital skills to include ICT in their teaching activities and daily work. As part of this … La publicaciónOVER 1,000 TRAINERS OF THE NATIONAL LEARNING SERVICE IN COLOMBIA TO BE ICDL CERTIFIED apareció primero enICDL Americas.

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