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  • The European Commission has published DigComp 2.2, incorporating key new areas such as AI, the internet of things, and teleworking. The post Updated DigComp 2.2 published by European Commission appeared first on ICDL Europe.
  • March and April saw a focus on digital skills during All Digital Weeks, a series of events organized or coordinated by All Digital, an organization representing digital competence centres. The post All Digital Weeks put focus on digital skills across Europe appeared first on ICDL Europe.
  • ICDL is closely aligned to DigCompEdu. The EU framework, which builds on the work done to create the more general DigComp digital competence framework, is designed to define digital competence for educators. The post ICDL modules align with EU’s DigCompEdu framework appeared first on ICDL Europe.
  • Schools in the German state of Baden-Würtemberg will be able to continue to access ICDL thanks to an extension of the agreement between the state’s Ministry of Education and DLGI, the ICDL operator in the country. The post Key agreement with Baden-Würtemberg Ministry of Education in Germany extended for 3 years appeared first on ICDL Europe.
  • ICDL Americas held its first regional ICDL Forum on 24 March. The event took place online in English and Spanish and focused on digital skills for a competitive workforce. The post First ICDL Americas regional forum takes place online appeared first on ICDL Europe.
  • Today marks the start of All Digital Weeks 2022 and this year, the focus is on enhancing digital skills and promoting digital inclusion and accessibility. The post All Digital Weeks 2022: Reimagining digital literacy? appeared first on ICDL Europe.
  • Renato Salvatore Marafioti was elected President of AICA, the Italian ICDL operator, in late January this year. He will serve a three year term. The post Italian ICDL operator elects new President appeared first on ICDL Europe.
  • Skills gaps are a global problem according to a new report from Coursera, an online learning platform. The 2021 Industry Skills report highlights that skill gaps are an issue across all global regions and essentially all jobs. The post Digital skill gaps a global problem, report finds appeared first on ICDL Europe.
  • Ten new 3D printing hubs are being activated in Romanian high schools as part of the fourth edition of the 3DUTECH project. The post ECDL Romania expands 3D printing hubs to 10 high schools, reaches over 800 students appeared first on ICDL Europe.
  • One of the ways ECDL Croatia, the operator of the ICDL programme in Croatia, works to boost the digital society is by taking part in the Croatian Digital Literacy Network. The post Croatian Digital Literacy Network works to boost digital society appeared first on ICDL Europe.


  • ICDL Asia is delighted to welcome the Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) to join us as our newest Accredited Test Centre (ATC) in Johor, Malaysia! UTHM is one of the public universities in Malaysia that primarily focuses on Engineering and Technology, offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes ranging from civil engineering, computer science to applied … The post UTHM joins ICDL as the first public university test centre in Southern Malaysia appeared first on ICDL Asia.
  • ICDL Asia Digital Literacy Day 2022 is back! Themed “Accelerating Digital Literacy in Asia”, the Digital Literacy Day 2022 is an annual regional event to promote the importance of digital literacy. It serves as an important platform for academic leaders, industry experts and training providers to share key industry trends and best practices of digital … The post ICDL Asia Digital Literacy Day returns for the 6th year appeared first on ICDL Asia.
  • Alibaba Cloud and Siemens, two of our leading sponsors of the ICDL Asia Digital Challenge 2022, will deliver the first-ever ICDL Asia virtual career advice session in August 2022. This unique opportunity will only be offered exclusively to all ICDL Asia Digital Challenge 2022 grand finalists. Through this session, we aim to spark students’ interest in … The post Tech Career Advice 101: Alibaba Cloud and Siemens – Sign up for DC2022 now! appeared first on ICDL Asia.
  • We are glad to announce that ICDL is officially recognised as the standard of IT skills at Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (HUMG), a great step forward since the MOU signing ceremony between both parties in 2020. According to Decision No. 1164/QD-MDC of the Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, students who possess the … The post ICDL recognised as the official IT standards in Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Vietnam appeared first on ICDL Asia.
  • ICDL is now officially recognised as the standard of IT skills at Thuyloi University, Vietnam. According to Decision No. 411/QD-ĐHTL of the Thuyloi Unviersity, students enrolling from AY2012-2022 onwards who possess an ICDL certificate will gain academic credits equivalent to the completion of the general IT subject and be exempted from course study and exams. … The post Students with ICDL certificate will gain academic credits and be exempted from exams in Thuyloi University, Vietnam appeared first on ICDL Asia.

ICDL Africa

  • ICDL team in Tanzania conducted ICDL Compass testing for more than 30 Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) staff across all departments of the association on 11th April 2022. The plan basing on the outcome of the report will be for ATE to adopt ICDL training as they prepare to offer digital skills training in Tanzania. … The post Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) conducts a digital skills survey for their staff appeared first on ICDL Africa.
  • ISBAT University one of the top digital hub universities located in the heart of Kampala City-Uganda has geared up efforts to train and certify students and the work force using ICDL. While speaking to Dan Muhenda, the ICDL Market Development Executive in Uganda, Mr. Hareesh  Kumar, emphasized the need for all students and the workforce … The post ISBAT University Gears up Digital Skilling and Certification appeared first on ICDL Africa.
  • On Monday, 5 April 2022, ICDL was awarded an accreditation certificate by the Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) during a ceremony held at Sankara, Nairobi, Kenya. This auspicious event was graced by the Guest of Honor Ms. Maureen Mbaka (Chief Administrative Secretary, Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs), Dr. Juma Mukhwana (Director General/CEO, KNQA), … The post ICDL Accreditation by Kenya National Qualifications Authority appeared first on ICDL Africa.
  • ICDL Africa launched the new office and address on 30th March 2022 in the presence of ATCs and strategic partners. Solange Umulisa, the ICDL Africa General Manager, officially opened the event and welcomed all attendees to visit the office for a tour. The new office sets off an important step towards realizing some of the … The post ICDL Africa new office launch. appeared first on ICDL Africa.
  • ICDL Africa team started a Train-the-Trainer Programme at the Kenyatta University on 9th March 2022. The Programme ran for 3 days within which a total of 9 trainers from the university were equipped with skills on how to deliver effective ICDL training to their learners. The Programme was conducted virtually with 7 of the trainers … The post ICDL TTT Programme at Kenyatta University appeared first on ICDL Africa.

ICDL Americas

  • Designed to address the requirement for current and future organisation managers to develop an understanding of trending and emerging technology, our ICDL Insights modules offer an overview that is contextualised in a practical way. La publicaciónNew ICDL Insight Modules apareció primero enICDL Americas.
  • ICDL Americas organised its first Regional ICDL Forum – Digital Skills for a Competitive Workforce the past March 24th, an online bilingual English / Spanish event, with speakers from Latin America, the Caribbean and representatives from our international network. La publicaciónFirst ICDL Americas Regional Forum apareció primero enICDL Americas.
  • For the past 8 years, the consulting firm Sapiens Research has developed a ranking of the best schools in Colombia, thus helping people, families, teachers, managers and institutions to make better decisions. Currently, the Col-Sapiens ranking is the most important classification of schools in the country, according to category, quality and international accreditation, and the classifieds appear there exclusively for their academic merits. La publicaciónICDL certification awards points in the Col-Sapiens Ranking of schools in Colombia apareció primero enICDL Americas.
  •  The Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (IOHE) mission is "to contribute to the transformation of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in order to respond to their social and political contexts, while building and creating common spaces of Inter-American collaboration". La publicaciónThe Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (IOHE) signs a Collaboration Agreement to offer ICDL to Directors and Professors from its member Universities throughout the region apareció primero enICDL Americas.
  • This week begins in Chile the 2021 edition of the CAIE (Conference of the Americas on International Education) organized by the  Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (OUI – IOHE). This Forum exhibits close collaboration between higher education institutions and national, regional and international organizations, offering a platform from which to address current challenges, emerging trends and promote best practices in international education. La publicaciónICDL participating at CAIE (Conference of the Americas on International Education) apareció primero enICDL Americas.

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