New Lecturers from Afghanistan Trained and Certified with ICDL

March 30, 2020 – An ICDL training session was conducted in Afghanistan from February 22th to March 5th. Four staff members of the School of Professional and Continuing Education, University of Central Aisa (UCA) participated in the 11-day training session and have been certified as ICDL testers and trainers successfully. The training was organised by Yasna Development and Support Organization(YDSO), ICDL National Operator of ICDL Afghanistan, and was funded by UCA. The training content includes ICDL rebranding, ICDL programme structure, ICDL features and ICDL Test Centres operating, instructed by Omidullah Akbary, General Manager of YDSO/ICDL Afghanistan.

The School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) of UCA was founded in 2006. The school offers post-secondary and continuous education programmes, giving young people and adults professional and vocational qualifications and income-generating opportunities. The school has started to deliver ICDL to promote employment opportunities in Central Asia and Afghanistan since 2010.

We hope more young people and professionals will be benefited from ICDL in Central Asia!

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