ICDL Americas, the international entity ECDL Foundation, launched on March 8 regional offices for Latin America and the Caribbean in the City of Knowledge, Panama.

During an event at the Convention Centre, Alma Tejada, Manager of Business Development City of Knowledge, welcomed ICDL Americas as a new member of this network of organizations with a global approach working on this campus that acts as platform knowledge management focused on enhancing the innovative and competitive capabilities of the country and the region.

The event was attended by Romina González, Development Manager ICDL Americas, who spoke on Digital Skills for education and work in the Information Society and Knowledge, its relations with productivity, employment and innovation. Romina Gonzalez recalled the Digital Agenda for Latin America and the Caribbean eLAC2018 ECLAC where point out the importance of considering the element of training and skills development in all areas of the strategic guidelines sets: access and infrastructure; digital economy, innovation and competitiveness; e-government and citizenship; sustainable development and inclusion to strengthen the use of ICT in education and governance for the Information Society. “ECDL Foundation believes in policies and programmes of education and training at all levels, so people who receive our certification can be more productive in a digital world.”


ECDL Foundation is the regulatory body of international certification program digital skills and knowledge to end users ICDL (International Computer Driving License), known as ECDL (European Computer Driving License) in Europe.

ECDL Foundation is associated with several government agencies, academic institutions, companies and NGOs around the world, including projects in Singapore, UK, Italy and Colombia, among other countries, to develop work skills and employability, being fundamental ICT skills today. In almost two decades, more than 14 million people around the world have participated in around 150 countries and Panama, from City of Knowledge, joins this network. It has its headquarters in Ireland and regional offices in Belgium, Singapore, Dubai, Rwanda and Panama.

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