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Empowering students with the digital skills needed for school, college, and the modern workplace

ICDL Digital Student is a global digital literacy programme designed to empower students to learn real-world skills that enable them to think critically and be more productive learners. 

Aligned to the latest Department of Education curriculum for Junior Cycle, Transition Year and Senior Cycle, this student-centred digital skills programme focuses on equipping students with key skills and knowledge on the effective use of office productivity tools, online collaboration and emerging technologies. 

ICDL is as easy as ABC


Choose the ICDL Digital Student profile that fits your students and timetable best. Start off from first year? Great choice. Need a solution for TY? We’ve got it.


Your students can study independently with our easy, clear and interactive eLearning. Teachers get free access too.



When they’re ready, students can sit their certification exam. From the first completed module, students receive a digital certificate and digital badges.

The school views IT skills as an essential life skill and ICDL meets the needs of the students perfectly.

Gerry Breen

IT Coordinator, Portmarnock Community School

Benefits for students

  • ICDL gives students the skills they need to succeed at school and prepares them for future studies and the workplace
  • ICDL helps to develop skills for students to learn in a more self-directed way
  • ICDL develop communication skills, self-confidence and a sense of responsibility
  • ICDL broadens students’ horizons – exploring new subject areas, gaining confidence and an understanding in the potential of digital technologies
  • ICDL is an international certification, a marker of quality in the learning content and a certification to take with them recognised by employers worldwide

ICDL simply works. How?

  • Self-guided learning in recommended modules
  • Bespoke system makes it easy to set up courses and get students learning
  • No training needed in specialised subjects – eLearning covers the curriculum fully
  • Packages available no matter how much time you have in your timetable
  • One easy price per student, no hidden or extra costs
Junior Cycle

Digital Student Essentials has been specially designed to give students the essential digital skills required for school and life, providing them with a digital skills foundation for future progression.

Essential digital skills for students starting secondary school

The modules in ICDL Digital Student Essentials are:

Communicating Safely

Information & Collaboration Essentials

Digital Student Essentials Overview

ICDL Digital Student is targeted at Junior Cycle when developing safe and confident use of technology is so important.

The ICDL Digital Student Essentials profile features modules exclusively offered to Junior Cycle students to suit their needs.

eLearning covers the curriculum fully

No training needed for teachers in specialised subjects. ICDL high quality interactive eLearning covers the curriculum fully to ensure student success.

Fits into a 10-week timetable

With e-Learning across the profile, these three modules can fit into a 10 week timetable with around 2 classes per week.

Module Classes Week
Computer and Online Essentials 6 Week 1 -3 
Application Essentials  8 Week 4-6
Collaboration Essentials  6 Week 7 –10

No hidden or extra costs, just €40 per student

Students receive access to quality, interactive eLearning, diagnostic tests, certification in the three subject areas and a globally-recognised digital certificate and digital badges. All for the low cost of €40 per student.


Meets key Junior Cycle curriculum objectives

• Being responsible, safe, and ethical in using digital technology
• Using digital technology to access, manage and share content
• Using digital technology to communicate
• Using digital technology to develop numeracy skills and understanding
• Working with others through digital technology

Enriching eLearning experience with interactive content

ICDL Digital Student Essentials has eLearning and online tests as standard. After learning the concepts, students will be able to apply and practise their skills using the office applications on their devices. There are also ample interactive activities, knowledge check exercises and case studies to reinforce students’ understanding through application and testing.

Specially adapted programme for Junior Cycle

Featuring three modules, including two exclusive to Junior Cycle students, this profile has been developed to suit the needs of your students and give them the skills to use technology safely and confidently.

ICDL digital certificates and badges

At the end of the programme, students will receive an ICDL digital certificate detailing the modules they have successfully passed.

ICDL modules included in Digital Student Essentials

Application Essentials

Computer & Online Essentials

Information & Collaboration Essentials

ICDL Information & Collaboration Essentials covers the main concepts and skills needed to efficiently search
for information online, communicate safely and manage your digital footprint, and use collaborative tools.

Category Skill set
Information Concepts and Device Use – Key Concepts
– Responsible Screen Use
Information Need – Define the Information Need
– Appropriate Content Use
Information Search – Efficient Information Search
– Evaluating Online Information
– Advanced Search
– Organising Information
Online Safety and Digital Footprint – Finding information
– Managing information
– Web browser settings
– Outputs
Using Online Collaborative Tools – Setup Accounts
– Online Storage
– Social Media
– Online Meetings

ICDL gives the students the IT skills to help them to complete their projects. These skills will also help them in their daily lives and in the future.

Yvonne McCaul

ICDL Coordinator, Scoil Mhuire Kanturk

Transition Year

The ICDL digital skills profiles below are tailor-made to complement Transition Year programmes. Depending on classes available, choose from our ready-made profiles: Future Ready, Digital Entrepreneur or Computer Science, or feel free to customise your own combination of modules to suit your school’s transition year programme.


Digital skills for 3rd level education and work-readiness

The digital classroom and digital workplace await your students. So ensure they are ready for their futures with this ICDL Profile. Future Ready modules have been selected to ensure a good grounding in the digital skillsets all students need.

The modules in ICDL Digital Student – Future Ready are:

Collaboration & Creativity




Critical Thinking


Communicating Safely

Cyber Security

Example Timetables – Future Ready

3 modules over 10 weeks, 2 classes per week:

10 modules in 30 weeks, 2 Classes per week


Providing students with a sample of the Leaving Certificate Computer Science curriculum

Spark an interest in Computer Science or give those who have chosen the subject a headstart with these ICDL modules that cover the subject areas students will approach at Leaving Certificate.

The modules in ICDL Digital Student – Computer Science are:

Collaboration & Creativity

Image Editing

Web Editing

Critical Thinking

Coding Principles

Example Timetables – Computer Science

3 modules over 9 weeks, 2 classes per week

8 Modules over 30 weeks, 2 classes per week


Digital skills to support entrepreneurial programmes offered in Transition Year

Explore the digital skills needed for TY mini company or work experience projects, or even to start their own business. This ICDL Profile features modules that will suit students looking to develop their own ideas and create an online business.

The modules in ICDL Digital Student – Digital Entrepreneur are:

Collaboration and Creativity


Example Timetables – Digital Entrepreneur

3 modules over 10 weeks, 2 classes per week

8 modules over 30 weeks, 2 classes

Internationally recognised certification

Successfully completing an ICDL module is an achievement that students can take with them and put on their CV. ICDL certification is recognised internationally and valued by academic institutions and employers across the globe.


Options to suit all timetables and interests

ICDL Digital Student can fit into your timetable, no matter how many classes a week you have. Take a look at our sample timetables above for ideas. The brand new TY profiles suit a range of interests to ensure TY students gain skills that will benefit them in their future careers.

Fits key TY curriculum objectives

  • Developing digital skills for college and work 
  • Helping make students more self-directed learners 
  • Develop communication skills, self-confidence and a sense of responsibility 
  • Broaden students’ horizons

E-Learning and automated testing as standard

Interactive E-Learning, practice tests and online certification tests help ensure students learn effectively.

The skills I’ve learnt from ICDL come in handy when I use Documents, which is daily and I use Presentation for projects. Now I am able to use them both properly and to their full extent.


ICDL student


ICDL offers complete flexibility for teachers to choose from a wide range of modules to meet the needs of their students. Mix and match any number of modules to meet curriculum objectives or complement school projects.

Group modules to fit into a timetable or offer our brand new Insights modules to generate interest in further study or a career in computer science. Our modules are the perfect length for short courses too.

View all ICDL modules here

Free eBook

eBook: Your digital skills choices

Download this free guide for principals and teachers. Find out how to embed digital skills into teaching, learning and assessment.


1. How does this programme benefit my school?

ICDL is Ireland’s leading digital skills certification. Fully interactive eLearning is available across the ICDL Digital Student programme.

ICDL equips students with the essential skills and knowledge they need to thrive in today’s digital first world; to use office productivity tools effectively and develop an understanding on emerging technologies. The self-directed aspect of the programme empowers students to build on their knowledge progressively at their own pace. In addition to this, the programme develops future-ready learners and gives students the opportunity to apply what they have learnt to their school projects.

3. Can I take a look at the contents before I sign my students up?

ICDL is transparent in our product offering. Each module has a comprehensive syllabus publicly available on this website. You can also talk to us about a preview of the eLearning. Get in touch here.

4. Who will be monitoring the progress of students?

The teacher-in-charge of participating schools will be provided log-in access to the admin portal where he / she will be provided with an overview of their students’ progress for the e-Learning modules. Teachers-in-charge are encouraged to have milestone check-ins with students to ensure students are on-task and complete the modules within the timeframe provided.

5. How will I know if my students qualify for the digital certificates?

The online portal will be generating the digital certificates for students upon their completion of the certification tests.

6. Do students need Windows-based devices to access the content?

Students will need an internet-enabled device (laptop, Chromebook etc.) with internet browser to access the eLearning portal to complete the eLearning modules.

Students will need an internet-enabled Windows computer or laptop with internet browser to successfully complete the certification tests.

7. Who is ICDL Digital Student suitable for?

The ICDL Digital Student programme is targeted at secondary students and provides a progression route from 1st to 6th year.

Get started with ICDL Digital Student for September

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Receive a call back or email from Claudia, our Market Development Manager




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