What areas does the programme cover?

The Digital Citizen programme covers the following five sections:

Learn more

Types of computer

Getting started

The keyboard

The Mouse

Shutdown the computer

Task bar and start button


Storing information


Different file types

Name and save

Change font

Bold, italic, underline

Copy and paste

Cut and paste



Evaluating information

Online security

Connecting to the internet



Search engines

Online services

Creating an email

Replying to an Email

Forwarding an Email

Online Communities

Instant Messaging

Voice over the Internet Protocol (VOIP)

What will a Candidate learn?

With Digital Citizen, you will acquire an appreciation of what a computer can do and what tasks can be executed online using the World Wide Web. On completion of the programme, you will be able to send an email, use some simple programmes and surf the web to look for information on news, weather or hobbies. You will have a better understanding about social networking web sites and how to share information online. You will be able to use online services such as online shopping and e-Government services.