Companies, workers, entrepreneurs, government representatives, national and international experts and the general public met last August 30th and 31st in Bogota, Colombia at the 3rd International Teleworking Fair, organized by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and the Ministry of Labour, and supported by the Ministry of Justice, the Administrative Department of Public Service and the Bogota City Council.

ICDL Colombia presented the +Teletrabajo programme, which offers an ICDL certification profile focused on the needs of teleworkers. This project is supported by the Ministry of ICT and the Ministry of Labour, with the goal of certifying the teleworkers´ digital skills to international standards, skills they need to perform their job productively and which makes Colombia move forward in the global economy.

During the event ICDL Colombia was offering from their stand different workshops, such as “Teleworking and Productivity”, or “Digital networking using Linkedin”, key areas for people working remotely.

The opening of the fair was in charge of the Minister of ICT, David Luna; Administrative Department of Public Service Director, Liliana Caballero; the Minister of Labour of Ecuador, Leonardo Berrezueta Carrion; Interinstitutional Coordinator for Colombia of the ILO Office for Andean countries, Melva Better Diaz and delegates of the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Justice and Law.

During the abundant academic agenda the results of the new ‘Study of penetration and perception of teleworking’ were revealed, showing that teleworking penetration increased from 9% to 16% of the surveyed organizations between 2014 and 2016, reaching more than 95,000 teleworkers. The goal according to the Ministry of ICT is to reach 120,000 teleworkers in 2018. The Pact for Telework was also signed, a collaborative partnership between public and private sector to promote the benefits of this modality.

So far ICDL Colombia successfully completed various projects, including training and certification of public servants from the Ministry of ICT and a very interesting project in prisons all over the country, giving the opportunity of obtaining the ICDL Teleworking Profile certification to more than 200 prisoners, which we believe gives them a “second opportunity” to look for jobs, continue education and, most important, think they have a new chance to develop in life.

We firmly believe the potential new technologies have, but also that the only way to maximise that potential is through development and knowledge, digital skills are required for people to effectively use and make the most of ICT. The Information and Knowledge Society requires all of us to be connected and digital-literate, so we need to work together to ensure we achieve this.

More information in  http://masteletrabajo.org/

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