ICDL Colombia develops an ICDL Certification programme for more than 120 SENA Academic Coordinators in the new ICT in Education module

ICDL Colombia, in partnership with the National School of Instructors of the National Service of Learning (SENA), developed the ICT for Educational Management Programme as an initiative for the development and international certification of digital competences targeting SENA Academic Coordinators.

The Colombian National Service of Education (SENA), is an official public educational institution, which belongs to the Colombian government and is under the supervision of the Ministry of Labour. Its objective is to offer high quality technical education, free of charge, for all Colombians. In 2014, SENA reached 5 million learners. SENA National School of Instructors started a process last year to certify 2,000 instructors to ICDL standards in order to ensure that all the instructors under the SENA training centre, regardless of the subject they teach, would be able to impact their learners positively by using ICT. This is really important as SENA is responsible for defining the workforce competence framework and also leads the technical and training processes for the labour market all over the country.

This new ICT for Educational Management project reached 123 Coordinators, who received training under the b-learning mode in the cities of Bogotá and Medellin. During 80 hours the participants developed the necessary competencies to address the ICDL certification, specifically in the new ICT in Education module, resulting in 73 of them obtaining their international certification.

The importance of the project is that these Coordinators will be able to take advantage of the technological infrastructure available within the organisation more efficiently, as well as to generate new learning routes based on the integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), with the possibility of benefiting the almost three million virtual apprentices that the institution has.

The ICT in Education module has been developed by ICDL Foundation based on the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers standards and contributions from the European Schoolnet Network in response to the need for teachers and trainers to effectively apply technological tools in the learning process.

You can find out more about the new ICT in Education module in this link.

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