ICDL Asia Launches eBook Solutions Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

April 6, 2020 – Considering the recent COVID-19 developments, ICDL Asia is offering an eBook initiative to ensure candidates can continue learning remotely.

ICDL Asia will launch the eBook services for all ICDL courses in Asia. Starting with learners in Singapore, all ICDL registered learners will be able to avail the eBooks of the respective ICDL modules that they are registered for. The eBooks will be made available from 06 April 2020 to all ICDL registered learners for a period of 6 months at no additional charge, subject to review based on the development of the COVID-19 situation. This service will launch in Singapore on 06 April 2020, followed by other Asian countries in the near future.

ICDL Asia is aligned with the directives of the respective government agency where ICDL Asia operates. We will support all initiatives and continue to contribute towards a responsible business environment.

ICDL Asia wishes all learners to stay safe and continue learning during this difficult time.

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