Among teachers, civil servants and students from different educational institutions of the Caquetá Department in Colombia, more than 3500 people participated in the process of awareness and training in digital skills. Many of them got certified by ICDL.

Since 2014, various activities in relation to ICDL training and certification have been developed in order to improve the ICT skills among the community of Caquetá. This happened as part of an agreement that was made between ICDL Colombia and the Ministry of Education of Caquetá Department.

The process of training was based on the ICDL module of Online Collaboration where over 260 teachers from different educational institutions and 40 civil servants of the Ministry of Education of Caquetá Department were certified.

Additionally, the project also aimed to raise awareness on the importance of ICT through different processes that took place from November 2015 to the current date. The main objective was to promote the importance of the digital culture in nine municipalities of the Caquetá Department: De Los Andaquies, Cartagena Del Chairá, El Doncello, El Paujil, La Montañita, Morelia, Puerto Rico, San José Del Fragua y San Vicente Del Caguán.

The process was developed in three different stages: An awareness talk, a survey on digital literacy to identify the level on the matter of each participant and interactive games that were related to technology.

The people who attended were able to recognise the importance of the usage of ICT and social networks as essential tools for social inclusion and the reduction of the digital gap, as well as for innovation, productivity and competitiveness.

For more information, please visit ICDL Colombia (Spanish)

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