Nurturing future-ready students for the modern workplace

ICDL Africa Digital Explorer is a nationwide digital literacy initiative in Uganda and Kenya designed to empower African students to learn real-world skills that enable them to think critically and be more productive learners. 

The ICDL Africa Digital Explorer 2023 program is targeted at students aged 10-18 years.



To be eligible to compete in the Digital Explorer 2023, students will have already completed 7 or more ICDL modules successfully.

Competition Requirements

Contestants will be required to then complete a further 4 ICDL Workforce modules namely: Cyber Security, Spreadsheets, Presentation and Online Collaboration.

Upon passing each contestant will receive a Digital Badge and ICDL Profile Certificate

The TOP TWO** contestants with the highest score in the certification test, completed in the shortest time will go ahead to represent their school in Round 2 (Semi Final Round).



The top 2 contestants are then required to complete 3 ICDL Professional modules namely: Documents (Advanced), Spreadsheets (Advanced), and Digital Marketing.

Upon passing each contestant will receive a Digital Badge and ICDL Profile Certificate.

The Semi Final will be hosted by ICDL Africa through Accredited Test Centers.

Contestants are required to complete the ICDL module test online on-site managed by the Accredited Test Centre.

The TOP TWO** contestants overall will represent their country (Kenya/Uganda) for Round 3 (Grand Final Round).



The top 1 contestant for each school will then be required to complete a further 3 ICDL modules namely: Web Editing, Cloud Computing and A.I.

The Grand Final will be hosted by ICDL Africa through Accredited Test Centers.

The contestant with the highest scores across the 3 modules, in the shortest time will be deemed overall winner. There will be 2 runners up.

We will announce the winners during the ICDL Africa Best Practice Award Ceremony held in Kigali, Rwanda on October 25th 2023.


Participating Schools

School list as per country



  1. Agakhan High School
  2. Mikisa Group pf Schools
  3. S. C. S. Swaminarayan Academy
  4. Shree Cutchi Leva Patel Samaj School
  5. Greensteds International School
  6. Faith Ventures Christian Academy
  7. Nairobi International School
  8. Northgate School- Koma Hill
  9. The Hebron School
  10. Thika Road Christian High School
  1. Chum International school,
  2. Kings Learning
  3. Christian Academy,
  4. Orchard International Christian School
  5. Shekinah Christian International School
  6. Shilloh Christian International school
  7. Mt.Horeb International School
  8. Asifiwe International Christian Academy
  9. Friends International Christian Academy 


1. How does this programme benefit my school?

Through participation in ICDL Africa DE 2023, students will be equipped with essential skills and knowledge to use office productivity tools effectively and develop an understanding on emerging technologies. The self-directed/self-initiated aspect of the programme empowers students to build on their knowledge progressively at their own pace. In addition to this, the programme develops future-ready learners and gives students the opportunity to apply what they have learnt and connect with students beyond their community when they participate in national and regional competitions.

2. What if students do not complete the entire programme?

The ICDL Africa Digital Explorer Certificate of Completion will only be awarded to students who completed all the lessons in the programme.

Students will need to take the ICDL certification test after completing the e-Learning module. The ICDL Profile Certificate and eBadges will only be awarded to students who passed.

ICDL Africa will be coordinating with participating schools on the Preliminary round to be held in respective schools. Selected students will be invited to participate in the Semi final Round. Only the ICDL Africa Digital Explorer finalists and winners of the competition will receive their prizes.

3. Who will be monitoring the progress of students?

The teacher-in-charge of participating schools will be provided log-in access to the admin portal where he / she will be provided with an overview of their students’ progress for the e-Learning modules. Teachers-in-charge are encouraged to have milestone check-ins with students to ensure students are on-task and complete the modules within the timeframe provided.

4. How will I know if my students qualify for the digital certificates?

The online portal will be generating the digital certificates for students upon their completion of all the selected modules.

5. Do students need Windows-based devices to access the content?

Students will need an internet-enabled device (laptop, iPad, chrome book etc.) with internet browser to access the eLearning portal to complete the eLearning modules.

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