How long to complete?

The programme will take between 8 and 15 hours of training, depending on the Candidate. The whole programme is designed to be flexible and allows one to learn at their own pace.

Will there be an exam?
No. We know how intimidating exams and tests can sometimes be, so there is no formal exam at the end of the Digital Citizen programme.
Instead, a tutor will assess the Candidate on an on-going project basis during the programme.

Is there a qualification on passing the exam?
The programme is not intended as a certification leading to employment but rather it gives the Candidate an exposure to basic computing
and explains the use and role of technology in everyday life. By the time the Digital Citizen programme is complete, the Candidate will be able
to send an email, use some simple computer applications and surf the Web to look for information on news, weather or hobbies. Digital Citizen provides a friendly, fun and simple introduction to computer and Internet use.

Once completed, the Candidate can move on to more advanced programmes and eventually to full ICDL certification!

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