ICDL New Blog and Website Update

ICDL Ireland is inviting visitors to explore its new website, blog and join its revamped newsletter. The new website has been designed to provide a great user experience and provide our visitors with all the information they need. We have greatly improved the site navigation and functionality allowing customers to access detailed product information and also some helpful tips and guides to improve your ICT skills. Our new site shows the range of products which we provide across the schools, corporate and community markets. It also provides information on the good work that ICDL does to better ICT in our community. As a not for profit organisation ICDL Ireland participates in a number of initiatives to better ICT across the country.

ICDL Workforce

ICDL offers the perfect training solution for companies that want to upskill their workforce in office essentials such word processing, using databases, data protection and other key areas. ICDL Workforce offers an easy way for companies to measure an overall increase in efficiency and productivity. Helping them achieve specific goals, objectives and significantly enhance an organisation’s communications skills among other things. It gives you an easy way for you to know the ability of your staff and then show you in what areas they need to improve.

ICDL Digital Student

ICDL Ireland has been the number one provider of ICT training for schools in Ireland for nearly two decades. ICDL gives students the opportunity to learn real-world skills that will enable them to be productive learners, employees, entrepreneurs and citizens. It is the world’s most recognised computer certification and has helped over 700,000 learners upskill and move forward in their learning and lives in Ireland alone.

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