Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition calls on organisations to pledge to help get Europeans through crisis with digital skills

A call for immediate pledges to raise the digital skills of people across Europe has been issued by the EU’s Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. The call is a response to the Covid-19 crisis, which has seen remote work and remote socialising with friends and family become the norm for millions of Europeans, placing an unprecedented burden on their digital skills.

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition is an initiative of the EU that brings together organisations to promote digital skills development. ICDL Foundation is an active member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. Members of the coalition can make pledges to take concrete action to improve digital skills levels, such as offering training or certification. The work of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition is supported by National Coalitions in 23 EU Member States.

This new call for pledges seeks to encourage actions to equip people in Europe with the skills that they will need to get through this extraordinary and difficult time. Pledges are showcased on a dedicated website,, and the new pledges will join over 100 existing pledges. Pledges could cover a wide range of actions to raise digital skills, including helping teachers make the most of remote learning with their students, supporting remote workers, and helping people re-skill.

More information can be found on New pledges can also be submitted there.

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