Stage 1 Qualification

During the Qualification Stage, ICDL Asia will contact you to discuss the ICDL programmes and the responsibilities of being an ICDL Accredited Test Centre (ATC). This will help you decide if being an ICDL ATC is appropriate for your organisation. Similarly, ICDL Asia will want to learn about your organisation and understand your plans for ICDL.

Following the exchange of information, both parties must agree that it is appropriate for your organisation to become an ICDL ATC. In some cases, the organisation will not have suitable resources or staffing or perhaps insufficient candidate numbers for ICDL. In such cases, the accreditation will not proceed.

If proceeding to the Application Stage it is important that you have approval from the appropriate decision-makers in your organisation. The Application Stage will require a time commitment from you and some of your colleagues and early engagement from decision-makers will avoid wasting time and resources for both parties.

Stage 2 Application

During the Application Stage you will work closely with ICDL Asia to complete the Account Plan.

The Account Plan describes how you will implement ICDL in your organisation. It details which candidate groups will be offered ICDL , the expected number of participating candidates and which ICDL modules will be delivered.

During this stage, ICDL Asia will demonstrate the Automated Testing System (ATS) for you and speak with your technical team to confirm that the technical requirements can be met. When all required information has been gathered and you are ready to proceed, your ICDL Account Manager will submit an Application Form together with the Account Plan. These documents must be signed by the key decision-maker in the organisation.

Stage 3 Agreement

At Agreement Stage, you will be sent the ICDL ATC Agreement and an invoice for the first Annual Accreditation Fee (or an order form for Academic Packs for qualifying organisations).  

The ATC Agreement is a standard form legal agreement used with all ATCs and no change in the terms can be accepted. The ATC Agreement must be signed by an authorised signatory for the organisation. When the signed ATC Agreement is received by ICDL Asia and the Annual Accreditation Fee is paid, you will proceed to the Activation Stage.

Stage 4 Activation

During this stage you will receive the following from ICDL Asia:

  • Support with the installation of the Automated Test System (ATS), and training in the use of the ATS, ICDL Connect (the online ordering system) and the payment system.
  • The ICDL Accredited Test Centre Certificate and ICDL Accredited Tester Certificates, which you will display in your computer lab.
  • One copy of the ICDL ATC Agreement countersigned by ICDL Asia.
  • Access to the library of Printable Learning Materials, the Quick Reference Guides and marketing materials.
  • Listing on the ICDL Asia website and social media announcements.

During the Activation Stage, we will assist you in launching ICDL in your organisation. We will provide support with introducing ICDL to your staff and candidates and join you for promotional events (subject to our availability in your location).

The Activation Stage is not completed until you have successfully implemented your first ICDL Test Session. We will assist you in preparing for and delivering the first session. We will ensure you fully understand all the requirements and are familiar with the use of the ATS. We will be available onsite or online during the first session to provide support.

Having delivered the first ICDL Test Session successfully, you will have completed all stages of the ICDL ATC Accreditation Process and will be a full member of the global ICDL ATC Network.

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